Through the period of time we experimented with the virtues, a pattern arose from my results. I anticipated the results and there was no surprise at the end when I looked over the virtues.

First off, I broke the SINCERITY virtue every day. Over the years I have come to realize I am a terrible person. I constantly make fun of people though often playfully and to friends, but still I never fail to make fun of them. If I had to follow these virtues strictly, I would fail miserably with this virtue.

Another Virtue that I broke every day was HUMILIATION. Not once in the span of the entire experiment do I think I imitated Jesus. Jesus would have been dissapointed in my actions this past week.

The SILENCE virtue is in my opinion a little excessive. I am a talker, I will admit that. Trifling conversations are my thing, so that got broken quite often as well.

However, despite some of these virtues being excessive in my opinion, and very difficult to accomplish, some came naturally to me. INDUSTRY is easy for me. I’m almost always engaged in some kind of useful task. Either work (mostly work), hunting, school work, and in any free time I may have I watch CNN or education YouTube videos. Some may argue these aren’t engaging yourself in useful/productive  activities, but in my opinion they most certainly are.

ORDER is surly my specialty. I believe I have a slight case of OCD and therefor I tend to be very organized, but if you saw the state of my room right now you would disagree. So mostly everything in my life is very organized except my room. This is because I haven’t been getting home till late and I’m so tired I just get a shower and go to bed. So this has inhibited me from accomplishing the ORDER virtue as intended.

TEMPERENCE, FRAUGILITY, and RESOLUTION all were easy to avoid and I stayed “morally perfect” in those aspects. JUSTICE and MODERATION I avoided. The moderation is certainly debatable but I think I’m good.

CHASTITY I avoided with out effort. TRANQUILITY I avoided but by the definition this would have been a thought for me given the opportunity to “explode.” I become very adverted by dumb stuff especially when my brother does something that may be considered unavoidable.