My Short Story

For the short story assignment in class, the six word short story I chose was “Nothing would grow there, ever again.” The plot of this six word short story to me, is nuclear fallout. When I read that, two ideas came to mind. The first, nuclear fallout in the sense that the earth in this spot of a nuclear attack would be forever destroyed. The second that I thought of was love between a couple ending. A couple broke up, and no love would ever spark there again. I chose the plot of a nuclear attack because I think it is a much more fun idea to write about. I don’t mean this is a fun event, just from a writer’s standpoint it would be a better idea to write about.

The idea of a nuclear attack though originates from current issues with North Korea, and the contentious time period we are in. We have an administration in government right now who thinks it is okay to childishly insult a foreign embassy through Twitter, and threaten nuclear war upon a country. North Korea has probably never hated us more, so I set the time period of my story just a few months into the future, in 2018. I think this will also help my story development considering we are currently living in this time period, resulting in a much richer background of the characters, setting, and plot. The setting and plot development definitely influenced some of my thoughts as to how the story will play out, especially characters decisions, and interactions with each other.

Originally, I imagined the content of my story to go similarly to a Walking Dead like plot, just with out the walkers. I was going to have my main character, Roman, alone fighting to survive in an anarchy like situation. He would struggle for food and people were always a threat to him. After the character development though, Roman became so much more than just the main character in my head, he developed much more of a personality, and really started to take form of a story character. So, I think now I will be able to include these personality traits that will effect decision-making throughout the short story. I think this will create a much more interesting, and better developed story.

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