Blog 3

The movie I selected was “Gettysburg”. I believe the theme of the movie “Gettysburg” is: Freedom is worth fighting for. My reasoning  for this is because in the movie, the main focus is Col. Chamberlain and his regimen fighting for the Union. Throughout the movie he gives speeches to his soldiers and new volunteers, exclaiming why he and many men in his regimen have volunteered to fight for the North. Their reason is freedom for everyone in the nation, and this freedom is worth dying for. I will be talking about how the setting, characters, and presentation support the theme of: Freedom is worth fighting for.

The setting is 1863, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. During this time, the civil war is at it’s peak in violence and the fate of  slavery is “up in the air.” Many people in the North disagree with slavery and that’s why many volunteered to fight for the Union as Col. Chamberlain exclaims to his soldiers during one of his speeches. Col. Chamberlain is the protagonist in this story.  He knows what he and his troops must do for the greater good. He says that his regimen was formed in May of 1862, and there were over 1,000 soldiers. Now, in July 1863, less than 300 still stand fighting the Confederacy. He also says the main reason for their sacrifice was because they believed freedom should be a right of everyone from ocean to ocean across the entire country. The antagonist in this movie is the Confederacy. The confederacy is fighting to break away from the US and become a new nation where states rights are more protected so practices like slavery would be allowed.The largest representation of support to the theme is the presentation from the director and writers. They purposefully portray the movie to show the Union soldiers displaying a mood of great courage, and remorse for slaves. They realize the importance of freedom, and how it is a God given right. They believe this in the highest possible manner that they will pay the ultimate sacrifice for others. The tone of the story also supports this ideology.

The theme of this movie, Freedom is worth fighting for, is supported by a combination of characters, mood, and presentation of the movie.


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