Blog 11

My assigned topic for the blog is: “Should women be allowed to do combat roles in the military?” My assigned stance for the debate is (Pro). This stance on the issue is not my personal stance. I do not think that it is necessary, nor should women play a combat role in the military. Why I think this is because having women playing a combat role would be too much of a problem for the entire unit of soldiers in a combat situation. For example, in a firefight, a male soldier may be worried about his female accomplice and it could serve as a distraction. Also, a male soldier may be more inclined to help the female soldier endangering more people than necessary.  I also believe that because of the strength disadvantages of women, a situation such as carrying someone could hurt a squad and put lives at more risk than just have a male counter-part. Another thing that could be a factor is the emotional aspect. Yes, I understand that a male could be susceptible to emotional trauma as well, but generally speaking, as a society we raise our males to cry less, “suck it up”, “be a man”, etc. So, men tend to be less emotional, and would handle a high stress, highly emotional instance better. And in a firefight or active combat situation, being emotional and forgetting your training means you and your fellow soldiers could be killed.

When I did a basic Google search on the issue, the results that I got were a lot of articles talking about the US opening up combat jobs to women. There is an article put out by CNN about a woman who was in a close quarters firefight in Iraq. She killed at least three insurgents and received the Silver Star award. Most “top result” articles seem to be supportive of women in combat roles.

The approach I plan on taking to the debate is arguing equality. Women are equal among men so they should have an equal role in the military. I feel this is the strongest argument I have. That and arguing that if women want to fight for our country and our freedom than let them.

The only ethical issue I can think of within this topic would be that not letting women fight for our country is ethically wrong. If they want to do it, then let them. This is not an ethical issue for my stance on the issue, rather the con side of the argument.

Emotions that can be brought into my argument would be freedom. The freedom, and the right to fight for the country. Patriotism can also be placed into the argument as an effective emotion.


Article- Should Gun Control Be Tougher? (Con)

Main Arguments made by the con side of the argument:
– “Enacting more gun control laws would be the most ineffective and irrelevant reaction.”
– Foreign countries such as France have tougher gun laws but in France 130 people were killed during a terrorist attack, and most of the guns were illegal.
– The NRA is not a scape goat to push through a political agenda.
– The Second Amendment

I disagree with this argument strongly. Gun control is a serious issue in the United States and will be unless we have change. Too many people die to gun violence all too often. This article shows the heartlessness of people who are second amendment advocates and clueless gun owners. In order to save lives in the future, and prevent gun violence, something must be done. As Americans we cannot sit back and allow evil to do evil acts without hesitation, and complication. The gun rights activists not even considering banning these modifications and assault rifles shows how little they care for human life other than their own.
As of now, it is too easy for people to obtain a firearm. Especially an assault rifle. You can walk in to any gun shop, even Walmart, and walk out within a few minutes with an assault rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammo. But these are not the only things that threaten innocent by-standers. Modifications for weapons are far too easy to get and turn a deadly weapon into a weapon of mass-destruction. For example, a bumper stock. These were used on the assault rifles during the Vegas shooting. The bumper stock turns a semi-automatic rifle into a full-auto killing machine.
These assault rifles and modifications are not necessary. They are designed to kill more, and kill quicker. So why sell them and the parts to build them? Because the NRA makes money off the sale of firearms and the mod. products.
The NRA is a huge lobbyist for the Republican party so they have a strong voice in government. This grants protection from gun laws that would lessen the sales for the NRA. So anytime a mass shooting occurs, and the government calls for gun law reform, it is immediately shot down by the Republican Party. “It’s not the right time to talk about gun control.” After a mass shooting. So no gun reform ever comes from an unfortunate situation. So we have a continuous cycle within the United States and terrorism won’t be stopped.
Admitting that terrorism will never be completely eliminated is an important step in the road to gun control reform. But the point of having tougher gun laws in the United States is to decrease terrorism and save as many lives as possible. There are many ways this could be done, but sitting back and doing nothing is not one of them. And if banning assault rifles saves but one life, isn’t that enough to sacrifice your assault rifles for that.
The argument that foreign countries having tougher gun laws and the example of a single terrorist attack is not a valid argument. The circumstances of the US are completely different for one, but here is a 2014 statistical survey.



2014 Stats.

USA                                          vs                               UK
Pop. 321 million                                                       Pop. 64 million
270 legally owned firearms                                    4.6 million legally owned firearms
88.8 firearms/ 100 people                                     6.2 firearms/ 100 people
12,570 killed in gun related incidents                  30 people killed in gun related incidents



The Second Amendment is the strongest argument gun activists have. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall never be infringed.” Though most people who want gun reform do not want to take away all guns. However the sale of bumper stocks, pistol grips, large capacity magazines, etc. should be looked at more in depth. I believe that gun reform is needed to prevent future terrorist attacks. And the article in which I oppose needs to open up to a compromise that will save lives.





Through the period of time we experimented with the virtues, a pattern arose from my results. I anticipated the results and there was no surprise at the end when I looked over the virtues.

First off, I broke the SINCERITY virtue every day. Over the years I have come to realize I am a terrible person. I constantly make fun of people though often playfully and to friends, but still I never fail to make fun of them. If I had to follow these virtues strictly, I would fail miserably with this virtue.

Another Virtue that I broke every day was HUMILIATION. Not once in the span of the entire experiment do I think I imitated Jesus. Jesus would have been dissapointed in my actions this past week.

The SILENCE virtue is in my opinion a little excessive. I am a talker, I will admit that. Trifling conversations are my thing, so that got broken quite often as well.

However, despite some of these virtues being excessive in my opinion, and very difficult to accomplish, some came naturally to me. INDUSTRY is easy for me. I’m almost always engaged in some kind of useful task. Either work (mostly work), hunting, school work, and in any free time I may have I watch CNN or education YouTube videos. Some may argue these aren’t engaging yourself in useful/productive  activities, but in my opinion they most certainly are.

ORDER is surly my specialty. I believe I have a slight case of OCD and therefor I tend to be very organized, but if you saw the state of my room right now you would disagree. So mostly everything in my life is very organized except my room. This is because I haven’t been getting home till late and I’m so tired I just get a shower and go to bed. So this has inhibited me from accomplishing the ORDER virtue as intended.

TEMPERENCE, FRAUGILITY, and RESOLUTION all were easy to avoid and I stayed “morally perfect” in those aspects. JUSTICE and MODERATION I avoided. The moderation is certainly debatable but I think I’m good.

CHASTITY I avoided with out effort. TRANQUILITY I avoided but by the definition this would have been a thought for me given the opportunity to “explode.” I become very adverted by dumb stuff especially when my brother does something that may be considered unavoidable.


Final Poem, First Thoughts

For the poem “a smile”, my initial reaction is that the work is very confusing. There is no rhyme scheme nor stanza form, so the entire work seems very inconsistent. This also gives me the reaction of the extreme complexity of the poem. Since there is no rhyme scheme nor stanza form, it is very “busy”.

Throughout the poem, I conjured many questions as to what exactly the poet is speaking of or about. Why is the poet so negative? Especially at the end? Why does the end of the poem seem more negative than the rest? Does the mood of the poem go from peaceful to hopeless? Why is the poet such a “Debby-downer”?

I think this poem is about someone being left by their lover, or a loved one such as :girlfriend, mother, friend etc. This is what I believe because at the begging of the poem the author seems peaceful and describing something joyful. Then as the poem goes on he becomes negative and describes negative things. He also talks of paying a price. This price being a smile which I assume is a symbol.

I think the allusions you need to know to understand this poem better is the allusions within the second stanza. These allusions include:

But who are we to question fate

when we are but a cog.

The dynamo of night1 goes on,

no stars, just us and fog.

I think this poem is very important in understanding the entire work as a whole better because, the first line in the second stanza in my opinion suggests that you cannot control fate. Therefor he is telling the reader, your life will play out however fate wants it to play out.  The third line is saying but life goes on, no matter how resentful it may be. And the fourth line is saying, it may not be glamorous, but it will go on. The second to last stanza is also very important in the understanding of the meaning of this poem.

The stage is set; now time will see:

To do to don’t but never try.

We must go on, we must be strong.

The last line in this poem is saying, “yeah you’re life is miserable now, but you have to keep living, and live life to the fullest.”


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Projeckt 1065

Projekt 1065 takes place in Germany during World War II. The main character, 13 year old Micheal O’Shaunessy, is the son of the Irish ambassador to Germany. His family are spies for the allies, and relay information like war plans and locations of high valued targets, to the allied forces. Micheal, in order to stay non-suspicious, and get more information, is part of the Hitler youth. One of his fellow Hitler youth has blueprints to a jet air plane, that could drastically change the war. Micheal, in order to intercept these blue prints has to become more involved in the Nazi effort. This entails Micheal to do tasks ordered by Hitler and the Nazi regime. One of these tasks includes burning books. During this book burning, Micheal’s best friend and school mate Fritz refuses to burn his book. Fritz then starts to get beat up by an SS Officer, and Micheal rushes to Fritz’s side.

Micheal does something extremely admirable in this moment. Not knowing the consequence, or the fate of Fritz or himself, he rushes to help his friend. By doing this he could put himself in danger, as well as his family. Not only was Fritz being beat up by an armed SS Officer, there were others nearby as well as dozens of Hitler youth around him. These Hitler youth were brainwashed to sacrifice their life for Hitler and the Nazi cause. This would include beating or killing a fellow Hitler youth that has betrayed their leader.

People always say they would do the right thing in a life threatening situation. But when you are actually there and you are left waiting to make the decision: watch the event continue and see what happens, and I’ll be safe, or step into the unknown and take action. I feel as though many people would be more likely to not risk their life, and just  stay safe. Most I assume would save themselves before they save others. Micheal on the other hand, without hesitation fends for Fritz.

This part of the story really surprised me. The suspense of the scene mixed with the surprising admiration of Micheal created the strongest reaction from me throughout the entire story.

Another instance in which Micheal displays this same surprising courageousness is when the Ally fighter pilot goes down. When an allied pilot is shot down, Micheal is put on the Nazi search party to to find the pilot. When found, he’d be tortured for information, and eventually killed. During the search, Micheal finds the pilot. Micheal learns the pilot’s name is Simon, he is from England, and he is a Jew. These circumstances put him and his family at even more risk than before.

He then leads the group away from the search party in order to get the pilot to safety. Once the search party is away from the pilot, Micheal hides the injured pilot in a haystack in a nearby barn. If the Nazi’s found that Micheal had did this, he would surely be executed along with his family. He risked himself and everyone he loved for another human being he didn’t even know. This was an extremely admirable act that grabbed my attention as a reader, as well as gave my respect even more so to the character of Micheal.

Throughout the entire story, Micheal shows his true character by helping multiple individuals, some he doesn’t even know. But the overall plot of the story is based around Micheal’s efforts in the war. He risks everything he loves in order to save the world and prevent the Nazi desires to take effect in the world. The secretive Projekt 1065 is known by Micheal to be a war changing plan for the Nazis. If successful, Projekt 1065 would surely end in a Nazi victory. Being the courageous individual that Micheal is, he takes action, risking everything for well being of the future of the Earth.

My Short Story

For the short story assignment in class, the six word short story I chose was “Nothing would grow there, ever again.” The plot of this six word short story to me, is nuclear fallout. When I read that, two ideas came to mind. The first, nuclear fallout in the sense that the earth in this spot of a nuclear attack would be forever destroyed. The second that I thought of was love between a couple ending. A couple broke up, and no love would ever spark there again. I chose the plot of a nuclear attack because I think it is a much more fun idea to write about. I don’t mean this is a fun event, just from a writer’s standpoint it would be a better idea to write about.

The idea of a nuclear attack though originates from current issues with North Korea, and the contentious time period we are in. We have an administration in government right now who thinks it is okay to childishly insult a foreign embassy through Twitter, and threaten nuclear war upon a country. North Korea has probably never hated us more, so I set the time period of my story just a few months into the future, in 2018. I think this will also help my story development considering we are currently living in this time period, resulting in a much richer background of the characters, setting, and plot. The setting and plot development definitely influenced some of my thoughts as to how the story will play out, especially characters decisions, and interactions with each other.

Originally, I imagined the content of my story to go similarly to a Walking Dead like plot, just with out the walkers. I was going to have my main character, Roman, alone fighting to survive in an anarchy like situation. He would struggle for food and people were always a threat to him. After the character development though, Roman became so much more than just the main character in my head, he developed much more of a personality, and really started to take form of a story character. So, I think now I will be able to include these personality traits that will effect decision-making throughout the short story. I think this will create a much more interesting, and better developed story.

Sleep Deprivation

For the final weekend of our week long fair break, I was invited to go to Pulaski, New York. Bobby Frey, Tyler Hendricks, and I were going on a day trip to fish the world famous King Salmon run. I have only been able to fish it twice in my life so I was chomping at the bit to go again.Saturday was the only day we were all free, so we had to go then. There was an issue with this timing though. I had to wok Sunday morning at 6 a.m. Pulaski, New York is four hours away, and we planned to fish the entire day, so I knew sleep was going to be a problem. I didn’t realize how much though. So Friday night after the game, I got all my stuff ready and we left for Pulaski at 2 a.m. The plan was to leave at 2, be there by 6, and be fishing by 7.  I anticipated I’d sleep a couple hours on the way up. Little did I know, we were going in Tyler Hendrick’s excessively loud diesel truck, that could wake even the heaviest of sleepers. So somehow, I managed about an hour of sleep on the way and felt pretty good about the day to come. We fished all day further exhausting my body until about 8 p.m. We then got some food and were headed home by 8:30. We arrived on schedule to Bloomsburg, but again the truck kept me from getting but two hours of off and on sleep. With that, I found it extremely difficult to then get shut eye when I arrived at home. After getting a shower and putting my fishing stuff away, it took me a while till got back to sleep again finally. It was about 2 a.m. when it finally happened, and three and a half hours asleep was between me and getting up for work. My alarm was set for 5:30 a.m. and unfortunately, it could not do the job Tyler’s truck could do so well. That was wake me up constantly. So eventually I awoke at 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning. I got up, took my time getting around, got some coffee, and headed to work shamefully. There were several things I learned whilst on this trip, but the one life lesson I will take away from this is, sleep is very important.








Blog 3

The movie I selected was “Gettysburg”. I believe the theme of the movie “Gettysburg” is: Freedom is worth fighting for. My reasoning  for this is because in the movie, the main focus is Col. Chamberlain and his regimen fighting for the Union. Throughout the movie he gives speeches to his soldiers and new volunteers, exclaiming why he and many men in his regimen have volunteered to fight for the North. Their reason is freedom for everyone in the nation, and this freedom is worth dying for. I will be talking about how the setting, characters, and presentation support the theme of: Freedom is worth fighting for.

The setting is 1863, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. During this time, the civil war is at it’s peak in violence and the fate of  slavery is “up in the air.” Many people in the North disagree with slavery and that’s why many volunteered to fight for the Union as Col. Chamberlain exclaims to his soldiers during one of his speeches. Col. Chamberlain is the protagonist in this story.  He knows what he and his troops must do for the greater good. He says that his regimen was formed in May of 1862, and there were over 1,000 soldiers. Now, in July 1863, less than 300 still stand fighting the Confederacy. He also says the main reason for their sacrifice was because they believed freedom should be a right of everyone from ocean to ocean across the entire country. The antagonist in this movie is the Confederacy. The confederacy is fighting to break away from the US and become a new nation where states rights are more protected so practices like slavery would be allowed.The largest representation of support to the theme is the presentation from the director and writers. They purposefully portray the movie to show the Union soldiers displaying a mood of great courage, and remorse for slaves. They realize the importance of freedom, and how it is a God given right. They believe this in the highest possible manner that they will pay the ultimate sacrifice for others. The tone of the story also supports this ideology.

The theme of this movie, Freedom is worth fighting for, is supported by a combination of characters, mood, and presentation of the movie.


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