The Good Bung, The Bad Bung, And The Ugly Bung

So I would like to just start this blog off by saying, that I really enjoyed this class. It was really the only class I didn’t dread going to every day. I think allowing everyone to work in groups enables students to critique, and share ideas, for a better learning experience. I also like how the class was not based off taking tests or quizzes, but actually analyzing the works we read, and trying to comprehend them further. I think the best piece of literature we read and analyzed was Huck Finn. It was an enjoyable read, and I quite enjoyed analyzing the in depth meanings and themes of the story. I really cannot think of a way to improve this class. I really enjoy and think you are doing an amazing job McGarry!

My goals academically are…… none. Just kidding, just kidding. I am telling myself I am actually going to try unlike the last two years, but we will see how that goes. I think to prepare myself for the real world, I will just keep being independent, save my money, mature and become more responsible. But truthfully, I don’t want to graduate. I like sports, the social interactions, and seeing all my childhood friends and fellow teammates.

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The common theme of the three poems: “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock,” “anyone lived in a pretty how town,” and “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” is that society follows a pattern. A common rhythm of lifestyle, day in and out. No matter the generation, demographic of the people, or setting given. “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” features a man who is alone in life, yet follows the same pattern as the rest of society. “anyone lived in a pretty how town” tells about how the people in the society within the story follow a very specific pattern, very effortless. They just kind of go with what life throws at them. And “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock” follows a very important story line highlighting how every person is unique and can make their own choices but everybody does the same thing. For example, in this story, every one can choose to wear their own unique pajamas but everybody tends t wear the same thing. They do not want to stand out from the others.

That is why I find this story most applicable to our society today. In today’s society nobody wants to stand out from the others around us. If there are a group of people talking about a subject and they all have the same opinion, you are most likely going to agree with the rest of the group. No matter how much you disagree, or think it is wrong, it is a natural human instinct to try to be like the rest of the group.

This can lead to problems in modern society. When people don’t form their own opinions or do what they think is right that is how things like The Holocaust happen to give an extreme example. Another more practical example would be a US election. Too many people just listen to the opinions of those around them, not forming their own, just fitting in. In our society today we have too many sheep, and no wolves so to speak.

In our society today, if everyone formed their own opinions, and gave their own inputs to different topics, the world would probably be a better place.

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The book as a whole I found a very enjoyable read. I am glad that we took the time as a class to read and analyze the story. It really is one of the greatest American literary works. I think the novel was better than expected, as I knew I would probably enjoy it when I first started reading, I liked it more and more and the novel went on.

In my opinion, the novel does a good job pointing out themes and supporting them throughout the story. If I had to compare Huck Finn to another novel that I’ve read it would be “Legend.” That might sound crazy, as the settings are polar opposites. “Legend” takes place many years in the future in a very strict government enforced America, whereas Huck Finn is placed several years in the past in a more colonial time period with many freedoms among the people here.

The similarities of these two, and why Huck Finn reminds me of Legend are that it’s two people, going on adventures, little quests, always running into trouble, escaping from the law if you will. Also, later in the story of Legend one of the two in the duo gets captured, kind of like Jim in Huck Finn, so the other reaches out for help to rescue the one in captivity. Overall they are quite different, but it certainly reminded me of that story.

The end of the book is obviously very frustrating because finding out Jim was free the entire time, and going through all the trouble and sacrifice to set him free, when he technically already is, was just very baffling.

The most important things for a modern reader to take away from this story are the themes that are relative to modern society. Treat others how you would want to be treated, and many more. So yes, many themes in Huck Finn still apply to modern society. Especially since our society is so divided, if we could take away from Huck Finn, we could make the world a better place.

So for our project, we have decided to relate drinks, or mixed drinks with ingredients that describe the characters. For example, Tom Sawyer would be sweet tea. Very typical southern drink, that just describes the overall ideology of the South. Our goals are to accurately represent each character within the story.

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A lot of crucial transitional events occur in these chapters (30-33) in ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” There are several very important events in the development of the story. In chapter 30, the dauphin almost kills Huck, but the Duke stops him. Another important event in this chapter was the gold in the coffin. The Duke and the Dauphin assume one of them hid the gold in there to get later, and they argue about it. These are important events leading through the next chapters in the story. In chapter 31, the arguments of the Duke and the Dauphin continue at a tavern in the town, which allows Huck to escape from captivity of the two. Then, back at the raft, Huck goes to get Jim, but he is nowhere to be found. Huck later finds out that Jim was taken by a man who claimed him to be a runaway slave, and that the man was going to return Jim to Silas Phelps, a farmer. Another important thing that happens in this chapter is Huck, after contemplating his decision for a while decides he’ll be doomed to hell and steal Jim back from slavery. I think this final part of the chapter is extremely important because Huck is basically maturing in a sense that he is going to do what he thinks is right for the love of Jim and their friendship, even if it sends him to hell. In chapter 32, Huck arrives at the small cotton plantation of Silas Phelps, and is greeted by Aunt Sally. She thinks he is Tom Sawyer who is coming to visit so this goes in Huck’s favor. In chapter 33, Huck finds Tom. The two talk about Jim and how to steal him from slavery.

The characters that we are introduced during this are Aunt Sally, and Silas Phelps. We learn that Aunt Sally seems to be a good, likable person, but has bad morals. We also learn about Silas and how he isn’t that bad of a guy considering, and his security of his slaves and his plantation is not that great to say the least.

The setting of the work during theses chapters takes place at the Phelps’ farm. It is a small, cotton plantation, in the extreme South of Arkansas. It is accessible by water, and I can guarantee this accessibility will have to do with their get away once they steal Jim back to freedom.

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The author that I selected for the 4th Quarter IR is George R.R. Martin. The main reason I picked this author is the HBO series Game Of Thrones which I have become absolutely addicted to. My brother and I talk about the show all the time and form our own theories for the future of the story. Also, my cousin and his wife read the novel series “A Song Of Ice And Fire” which is what the HBO series “A Game of Thrones” is based off of. The primary work of this author are novels, but he also writes several short stories. Also, George R.R. Martin is a screenwriter and television producer most famous for his contributions to “A Game of Thrones.” This impacted my desire to select this author for that reason. I love the television series and have always told myself to read the novels, so now that I have a very good driving purpose to do so, I actually will. I am really looking forward to reading the novels, and it will give me something to consume while I wait for the release of the last season of “A Game of Thrones” in 2019.

Georges R.R. Martin’s early childhood was fairly sad. It was very humbling to read about his situation in his early life. It was also quite inspiring to be reminded that in America, with hard work and an imagination, you can become successful. George R.R. Martin lived in a Federal Housing Project, and was very poor. His life consisted of going to school and back. His limited world view game him, the urge to travel and experience things throughout the world. Though he could not due to his family’s financial situation, he read a lot! This allowed him to reach out and learn and imagine new places and things.

Martin gained a strong interest in literature from a very young age, and began writing monster stories and selling them to the neighborhood children for a penny. LOL. This developed into writing dramatic stories about kingdoms in which his pet turtles ruled. Martin’s turtle stories developed into his pet turtles killing each other in sinister plots. As you can see this is very similar to “A Game Of Thrones.”

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My initial thoughts of Huck Finn are that the story is a fun read. It’s pretty interesting and there are enough events and conflicts within the text to keep you wanting to read more. This novel is also much better than I expected. I thought it was going to be a drag to be completely honest. I thought it would be extremely boring and I would dislike/not fully understand like most literature we’ve been covering. However shortly after getting into the story, I find myself quite enjoying reading it. This is very unlike myself as well as I do not like reading.

The thing I like most about the story so far is how Huck’s interpretation of the world is pretty similar to my own. This kind of goes back to our discussion of “Song of Myself.” I believe opposite to Walt Whitman and that people are born with naturally evil instincts. I disagree with the thought of how people are naturally good. I think Huck Finn has the same thought process as me on this specific issue as well as many others. Huck is also a realist such as myself. Additionally, Huck is not very religious and is somewhat superstitious about the whole idea of religion and prayer in itself.

I find myself really liking the character of Huck for this reason. l think I also like his personality within the context of the story because he is mischievous and craves freedom. He does whatever he wants whenever he wants. That is how I am in life too. If I’m told I’m not allowed to do this, or I can’t go here, I want to do it so much more. I hate having limitations, I hate having boundaries on my life, and I think Huck relates to me in that way.

Another thing that I like and I think is cool about “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” is how Twain brings up current issues to the time and makes social injustices aware. He points out the Southern Hippocratic and how black people are treated unfairly at the time. I really admire Twain for this as it was a very “ballsy” move to say such a thing at a time of extreme contention.

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My initial thoughts on the story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” was that the story was written very well. The different characters and the diverse personalities gave the story a very interesting factor to it. The clash of origins from the main focused characters creates conflict and suspense throughout the dialogue and plot. The most interesting part of the story though, and why I think the story is written so well, is the great use of irony at the end of the story. When the “smarter,” “more educated man” gets proven wrong by the “unintelligent man.” This proves in the story, that just because you are educated, does not mean that you are necessarily intelligent when it comes to real world applications. This is also the main purpose of the story, to depict a highly educated person being “shown up” so to speak by an “idiot” or uneducated hick.

The use of satire is also intriguing and adds a much need comedic relief to the very meaningful plot. Though many may disagree with the statement of the plot being meaningless or not very serious, to me it does hold a very deep meaning. This meaning being just because you are educated does not mean you are intelligent, and you should take uneducated people seriously, as they may be more smart or savvy than you.

So Huck Finn is a very readable story. I think I will like it as we go along, as so far I have not found a reason to not really like. In my experience usually I can tell if I am going to like a story fairly quickly. I think the story will have some irony, just like “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.” I also believe that it will include satire and a lot of humor behind the more serious story line.

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Blog 18

At first my reaction to the work of Walt Whitman was that “Song of Myself” was very very confusing, and I could not quite grasp the meaning of the poem itself. There were very few lines that I could interpret. Though during our creation of the slide show, I started to pick up bits and pieces. I did know that the main focus was Transcendentalism, but I could not decipher individual sections and lines. After the group presentations though, I finally could comprehend the meaning of the work. I understood the deeper meaning and what Walt Whitman was trying to convey to the audience. The audience being society, anyone and everyone who would consider the ways of Transcendentalism. Another thing I realized after the presentations was that Walt was a pretty spiritual person and religion definitely had an influence on his lifestyle and his works, especially “Song of Myself.”

The section I found most interesting in “Song of Myself” was section section 4. Section 4 as I interpret it states that the occurrences in his life, being where he is from, who he meets and talks to, the fortunate or unfortunate events that happen do not define who he himself is. He is saying he has control of what he becomes, and what he believes, as well as any man or woman on Earth. You can be influenced by your environment, but it does not have to be that way. Walt is suggesting he has deemed this thought to be true in his own life.

Song of myself is considered one of the most influential poems of American history. Some of the key points of the poem still are present and influence society today. Many critically acclaimed authors have deemed the poem one of the greatest literary works of all time. They have also praised Walt for his wisdom and extremely progressive thoughts.

Something that still influences society today from “Song of Myself” is the idea of a perfect democratic society being present in the United States of America. He pushes the idea that he is speaking to those who are powerless and powerful, and that everyone could be anyone. Wealth is in the eye of the beholder and everyone is created equal by the divine.


In today’s society, my experiences with satire and humor are that I enjoy it. Especially with most of today’s satire in major media and television being aimed at the current administration and or conservative side of politics, and me being more in favor of the left, I find this satire comedic and relative. For example, if a late night talk show uses satire aimed at Trump supporters, I find it funny if it is like my experiences with Trump supporters around me.

A type of humor that I find very comedic often is: Self Deprecating

I find this type of humor comedic because the ways that I see it used are often in SNL skits or in stand up comedy. So my example of this is an SNL skit where one of the actors, is doing an impression of the Secretary of Education who is very criticized for not knowing anything about public schooling or education in general. So the actor portrays her as a very unintelligent person not knowing much about public education. This shows the self deprecating type of humor.

Mark Twain was an American writer born in Missouri. He worked as a steam boat pilot, and also a miner. Both those careers somewhat failed. He worked for many news outlets and newspaper companies writing funny stories and articles. This then led to his writing career. Many of his stories/books were humorous or witty. He also used a lot of satire in his stories. His most famous work arguably is the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, followed by the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This is referred to as the Great American Novel due to it’s popularity. Mark Twain’s works are extremely well known among the literature community and paved the way if you will for satire in modern works.

Something I found while researching Mark Twain that was very interesting was the Halley’s comet coincidence. Mark Twain was born shortly after Halley’s comet was spotted, and he predicted later in life that he “would go out with it.” His predictions deemed correct as he died the day after the comet was spotted again.


Blog 19

At first, while watching the film, the thoughts running through my head were that I should appreciate the quality of modern day movies. I thought this for many reasons. These reasons being the use of CGI, better sets, better acting, higher quality, are all things we take for granted now a days that aren’t present in an old film such as Vertigo. So, now that we are half way through the movie, I do quite like it. My reactions are that it is very suspenseful. It is mysterious and really grabs your attention. I am indeed excited to see what may happen next. Some things that I find very interesting is how Scotty reacts to the girl. He not is not only following her for the sake of his job, but he has another motive. I think while at the restaurant, Scotty realizes that he actually has feelings for the girl. So he now follows her not only because he was hired to, but because he is concerned for her own safety as well. Another thing I noticed speaking of feelings, Scotty’s female roommate I think also likes Scotty. However, I think Scotty has moved on from her since they’ve broke up. This girl comes off as annoying to me, towards the middle of the movie she seems to be trying very hard for Scotty to notice her, but again Scotty has lost interest. Some of my predictions for the rest of the movie are that Scotty is really going to fall for her. Also, I think that something is going to happen to Gavin’s wife, the girl Scotty is suppose to watch. I think as he is following her, his fear of heights is going to come into play later in the movie. I know the girl dies, So I think his fear of heights will hinder Scotty from saving her.