A little psycho

“I’m dead. I’ve missed you. Kiss…?” I chose this six word short story because I knew I cold put a scary and creepy twist on it. I love writing short stories and I’ve been doing it since I was little. Even though the stories I wrote when I was 10 probably aren’t as good as the ones I can write now. I have always loved to write creepy stories because even the smallest detail can affect the way the story is perceived by the reader.

My story is going to involve a ghost coming back to haunt his wife. In the beginning of the story I will start off with how the late husband passed away. After I give the background on that I will start with the story. Adeline, the widow, started a new life with her new boyfriend, James. Her late husband Asher eventually comes back from the dead as a ghost and finds James standing at the front door when he goes to ring it so he can see Adeline. He then demands to speak to Adeline and starts getting extremely jealous and angry because he believes she moved on much too fast. He then decides to make her and James pay for what she has supposedly done to him (moving on too fast.)

I came up with my ideas for this story with the help of some friends and it developed from some very basic plots, such as jealousy. There are multiple stories where the theme of the story is jealously and this plot was based off of that idea.

My story has evolved a lot since my first few ideas to write this story. At first, I was going to have the Asher (the ghost) threaten the hurt Adeline because he wouldn’t take her back, which I realized made absolutely no sense. I needed to have a motive for his actions, which is where James comes in. James is going to be the reason Asher is mad at Adeline. Asher believes the reason Adeline won’t take him back is because of her new boyfriend, James. Therefore, he wants to get rid at James at all costs. To do that, he even may end up hurting Adeline in the end.

I am extremely excited to write my story because creative writing has always been one of my personal favorite things to do. We’ll see how the story ends on Tuesday!

Disney or Fair?

Is that even a question? Of course Disney! Over fair week my dad, brother, and I all went to Disney for vacation. We left Monday afternoon and our flight got in around 8 that night. We got to our hotel and went right to sleep so we would be ready to go to the parks Tuesday morning.

We went to Universal Studios on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then Animal Kingdom on Thursday. We got up at 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning so we could get there as soon as the park opened (9 a.m.), which worked out perfectly.

As soon as we got in the park, we ran straight to Pandora. In case you didn’t know, Pandora is the world of Avatar. It was 9:08 a.m. and we had just gotten to the new ride “Flight of Passage”. The wait was already up to 3 hours! We decided to wait in line for it because the line wasn’t going to get any shorter. So long story short, we waited for around 2 and a half hours and ended up getting on the ride and it was amazing! So amazing, that we decided we had to ride it again before the end of the day.

After lunch, we went to wait in line again and the wait time was 2 hours. Not too bad, right? Well, it turned out to be a waste of time. We got in line and had waited for around 2 hours and were only halfway through the line. One of the employees came over the loudspeaker and said “Hello riders! Unfortunately, we are experiencing some technical difficulties with the ride at this time and only one of the Avatar chambers is operational. We are working to fix this problem, but your wait time may be longer than expected. Thank you for your cooperation.” Um… what? We just waited for 2 hours and now she is telling me I have to wait in line for another two? Well, we couldn’t. We had a fast pass for another ride at 3:30 p.m. and had to leave to get on that ride. So we walked out back to the front to find our way to the other ride, and we were all very upset.

Around 6:30 p.m. we walked back over to “Flight of Passage” and the wait time was 2 hours. Can you guess what we did? That’s right, we waited in line for two hours. All chambers were up and running again so we got on a little quicker than 2 hours. It was great that we got to ride it again. Honestly, I would wait in line for the entire day to ride that ride.   It is the best ride and if you go to Animal Kingdom I highly recommend riding it, even though it will probably ruin every other ride because it’s so good.

The resolution of this story is a pretty simple one. Sometimes you have to wait, but in the end it’s all worth it. In this case, it definitely was.

Beauty and the Beast

“For who could ever learn to love a beast?” Beauty and the Beast is a classic Disney princess story, so figuring out the theme wasn’t too difficult. I believed the theme was if you love something set it free, if it comes back it is meant to be. In this case, Belle is the “it”. About three quarters of the way through the story, after Belle and the Beast had danced, he asked her if she could be happy here and she asked him a rhetorical question which was if it’s possible for someone to be happy when they aren’t free. He later tells her to go back and save her father, which would be setting her free from her imprisonment. She later comes back to save him and confesses her love to him, making them meant to be. The setting, protagonist, and symbolism all play a big part in this story.

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The setting taking place in a small town and in a castle that is pretty much in the woods. The castle being far off in the woods and being hard to find plays a big part in the story because if they were able to find it, that would prove Maurice wasn’t crazy, like they thought he was. It would also prevent them from having a somewhat valid excuse for locking him up, therefore, giving the Beast no reason to “set Belle free”. I also believe the protagonist is the Beast. I went back and worth on this because it really is both of their stories in one. However, the movie starts off with a background story on the Beast and the main conflict is whether or not he is going to find love in his heart and then if he can find someone who can love him as a Beast before they do as a prince. The Beast was rather rude at the beginning of the story. He locked Belle’s father up for picking a rose for Belle. Throughout the story, he becomes nicer and he starts to care a lot more (definitely a dynamic character). If he hadn’t have met Belle, he probably wouldn’t have become the person/beast he had become at the end. This plays a big role in the theme because if he wouldn’t have become a better person, he probably wouldn’t have set her free. Belle also plays a big part in it for the same reason. If he hadn’t have met her, chances are he wouldn’t have changed and the theme of the story would’ve become a totally different one. Lastly, the rose. The symbolism of the rose plays the biggest part of determining the theme. The enchantress gave the Beast the rose, which was symbolized as a ticking clock saying “If you can’t find love by the time the last petal falls, you will become a beast forever. Towards the end of the story, the Beast realizes he is in love with Belle. However, he realizes she doesn’t feel the same at that moment because she is so worried about her father back in her town being thrown into a carriage to be taken to a mental institution. So, the Beast, knowing he doesn’t have much time left until the last petal falls, tells Belle to go, because he loves her so he set her free. She eventually came back and right as the petal fell, she confessed her love for him and the Enchantress turned him back into a prince. It was meant to be.

The theme of this story was “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is meant to be. All of the parts I mentioned including setting, protagonists, and the symbolism played big parts in determining the theme. But i don’t think another theme would have been better than this one. It ended with a Happily Ever after which was also a bonus!

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Notes, notes, and more notes.

The notes for this week weren’t that bad. It was an easy review  with some new terminology added in, which helped ease in to the first full week of school. One thing i did learn from the notes was that the protagonist could also be the antagonist. For example, I always thought The Grinch was just the antagonist and the protagonist was the townspeople. However, the Grinch was bringing himself down, and he was also trying to become a better person. The way he brought himself down was by stealing the presents, the lights, and the trees from the townspeople, which is where he becomes the antagonist. But, he later returns the presents, trees, and lights to the townspeople, becoming the protagonist. Therefore, he is both the protagonist and the antagonist in the story. I also learned some new things about movies, particularly the endings. I thought there was always closure at the endings, but know that I think about it, almost every movie leaves with something unknown. For example, The Divergent series. At the end of the first movie, (SPOILER), they end up saving everybody and running away, which seems like closure, right? Well it’s actually not at all. They left so many of us still hanging, wondering things like “What is going to happen to Tris and Four and Caleb?” “Where are they going to go?” “What is going to happen in the next movie?” Therefore, this story is in no way following Aristotle’s version of a plot diagram. Aristotle’s is more of a dome shape while this one is more like a mountain that was never finished. They do this to create suspense, which makes the viewer of the prequel want to go see the sequel and the second sequel. Those were just a few of the things I learned about the notes from last week.

The second week of school went pretty well. Mr. Simpson is a great golf coach and he’s really laid back and chill at practices which is awesome because I was a little worried at first to be honest.

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back at it!

Well the first week of school didn’t start off too well. The Monday before school I spent my whole day at a golf match which wasn’t exactly the way I pictured my last day of summer. However, I was the medalist so it was okay. On the bright side, I didn’t procrastinate until the last day of summer to complete my summer homework, like I have done in years past.

The first day of school was pretty painful, not going to lie. I got up at 5:30, which is what time I always get up for school, and I felt like I got hit by a bus. I could barely keep my eyes open because I sleep in until around 10 everyday in the summer. My mom suggested waking up at 8 every morning the week before so it wouldn’t be a drastic change but, of course, I didn’t listen. I did listen to music Tuesday morning while I was getting ready so that definitely helped. The first day of school was actually pretty fun, aside from getting up early. I’m actually interested in most of my classes this year, especially Anatomy and Physiology because I would like to pursue a career in medicine. Chemistry last year was terrible because I’m not exactly the best with numbers, so I probably won’t be the best at Pre-Calculus this year but I’m going to try my best.

Something that really threw a wrench in the works was Mr. Bressi getting his new job. He was the coach for the golf team, which you probably know, and it was a real shock when I got the news that he wouldn’t be able to be the coach anymore. The Regional Championship and State Championship have been really fun the past two years because it was pretty laid back when Mr. Bressi was the coach and he wanted me to do well but never put extreme amounts of pressure on me. My dad always tells me everything I need to know before I go out and play in a tournament and he came to Regionals and States to watch and the mornings of both of the events he kept talking and telling me everything. That’s all fine and dandy but it also makes me second guess myself so Mr. Bressi would always kind of tell my dad to leave me alone like 10 minutes before I went out so I could collect myself and get ready to play. So knowing he won’t be there this year stressed me out a little bit, but I think it’ll be okay.

Everything else went pretty well for the first week. I’m still getting back into the swing of things, both on and off the golf course. I have an optimistic attitude for this school year, so hopefully all goes well!