Last one (for Huck Finn that is)

As a whole, I actually liked this novel. At the beginning, I thought it was going to be like every other book I have been assigned to read; boring and slow. But this book was much better than I expected. It was extremely good at introducing some points and themes that could be compared to things happening in our lives everyday. It definitely accomplished its jobs, theme-wise, because of how relatable they are. Friendship, slavery, southern romanticism, maturation, and realism are just a few of the themes in Huck Finn. Compared to some of the other books I’ve read for school, this one trumps all of them. Most of the books we read in school are practically pointless and will never help me with anything in my life because the plots are completely unrealistic, such as Romeo and Juliet. But this book has something everyone can relate to on some level. I was happy with the end of the book, but I didn’t like that Tom decided to make their plan to get Jim more complicated than it needed to be. This didn’t add anything to the book, other than it pretty much forcing the reader to hate Tom. I was so happy to find out Jim was free, even though they could’ve avoided it if they would’ve known about Miss Watson. I think modern readers should take away from this book the theme of maturing and realism. By being independent, Huck grew and matured, so this just shows that we can’t be afraid to do our own thing because it will benefit us in the long run. It definitely still applies to our society today because of the example I just gave.

I am extremely excited for our project. We are going to use southern food to introduce different themes. We mainly picked this idea because it has food, and who doesn’t love good southern food? I just hope the themes we are tying in with the food are interpreted and understood well.

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