A little psycho

“I’m dead. I’ve missed you. Kiss…?” I chose this six word short story because I knew I cold put a scary and creepy twist on it. I love writing short stories and I’ve been doing it since I was little. Even though the stories I wrote when I was 10 probably aren’t as good as the ones I can write now. I have always loved to write creepy stories because even the smallest detail can affect the way the story is perceived by the reader.

My story is going to involve a ghost coming back to haunt his wife. In the beginning of the story I will start off with how the late husband passed away. After I give the background on that I will start with the story. Adeline, the widow, started a new life with her new boyfriend, James. Her late husband Asher eventually comes back from the dead as a ghost and finds James standing at the front door when he goes to ring it so he can see Adeline. He then demands to speak to Adeline and starts getting extremely jealous and angry because he believes she moved on much too fast. He then decides to make her and James pay for what she has supposedly done to him (moving on too fast.)

I came up with my ideas for this story with the help of some friends and it developed from some very basic plots, such as jealousy. There are multiple stories where the theme of the story is jealously and this plot was based off of that idea.

My story has evolved a lot since my first few ideas to write this story. At first, I was going to have the Asher (the ghost) threaten the hurt Adeline because he wouldn’t take her back, which I realized made absolutely no sense. I needed to have a motive for his actions, which is where James comes in. James is going to be the reason Asher is mad at Adeline. Asher believes the reason Adeline won’t take him back is because of her new boyfriend, James. Therefore, he wants to get rid at James at all costs. To do that, he even may end up hurting Adeline in the end.

I am extremely excited to write my story because creative writing has always been one of my personal favorite things to do. We’ll see how the story ends on Tuesday!

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