Blog 17

After reading about the Civil Disobedience thing, I really do agree with Thoreau’s theory and I began to question everything about society, but mainly the government. I think the government is totally too involved in our lives. On social media people make meme’s about the FBI or government watching over us on our phones. But in all honesty I think the government still should exist because if we didn’t have the it, we would be lost in our society. The government is important but only in a way for us needing to be safe. The government does keep us safe but by doing so they really need to not over step our boundaries and private space. The role that the citizen plays is how we can kind of control the government by voting. If we vote and keep them out of the ballots, they wouldn’t get reelected into their position they are now in.  A dictatorship is the best one because they want their country to like them. The role of Civil Disobedience is to basically draw attention in a more simpler way than having a riot or worse.This can be effective if people execute it correctly and dont get violent. If you become violent or refuse to be taken to jail your point wont get around quickly or wont be effective at ALL.


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Blog 15

Thoreau’s and Emerson’s thoughts are deeper and simpler than Emerson. The main meaning and idea of this proportion is its a mans duty to make everything in his life meaningful, and every moment needs to be worth it. In the ending, Thoreau explains that you dont have to go above and beyond about when yourself is in an undercover area, that you can discover yourself throughout thought. Though, he has benefits of leaving behind society and living in nature. Which includes, having relaxation times, and some peace and quiet, leisure, and thinking about carrying out actions,peace of mind and body. If I was picking, I would chose to stick with society because I dont want the feeling of being a lone 24/7. I love when someone keeps me company. If I had anybody else besides a dog, family member, or best friend I would get very annoyed because I usually only talk to those kinds of people. I would definitely miss my phone, my car, and the usual electronic stuff, if I only had to take one person, I seriously would take my dogs, even though they cant talk, like they say in the saying “A mans best friend is it’s dog”. I think I could definitely do it, but I would be a little lonely without human interaction. Thoreau’s benefits sound all in all pretty decent as I stated in the beginning, but as I also said if it were me, I would want some company so it defets the purpose of “living in nature”. Also I feel like you would go insane if you never had anyone to talk to. To understand this fully you need to have a little bit of an understanding to what Thoreau’s trying to describe by being alone, but also not wanting to go crazy. Make sure you need to point out all the key words in the beginning throughout the end of the story. I really dont like learning about this stuff for your future referencing for other classes, but I like his idea of being a little by himself in nature itself.


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Blog 14 #1


I forgot all about this blog to be honest so lets turn it in late because that’s what I do best!! Okay getting on with the blog, my initial thoughts on transcendentalism are okay, I sort of like it. I think man has ruined natures true meaning, I think men can naturally be good without the rules of society. Society sometimes causes people to act out on bad situations or even normal situations. If someone acts out its usually because of society! I think that man wouldn’t be looked at so terribly if the society wasn’t a thing. All in all, they stood up for what they believed in, and I admire that a lot. I do believe man is naturally good at natural things. As I said before I dont think man is naturally evil, but I do think society makes people go insane inside. Example: School shootings. There recently, recently as in last night, was a school shooting. I believed the kid who shot up the school only did this because there is obviously something not right with him and it had to do with the norms of society. Man should never act out just because of society, but I strongly believe that that’s why we do act out. I really hate learning about transcendentalism because I dont quite understand the meaning of it. Yes I’ve looked up the definitions and researched about it but to be truthful I really really hate this lesson. Im currently at 249 words and I have ran out what to say, so im going to briefly give you a summary about what Im trying to say. Transcendentalism is not the best. If man gets rid of society destroyed values and keep the nature pure. So Mr. Mcgarry, I’ve ran out of stuff to say again. I feel like this is not very important to understand in the first place. We wouldn’t use this everyday in our lives when we move onto college ect. So right now im sitting here in chem class trying to finish this blog and getting late points, because late points are better than no points. Im finally done so goodbye. I’ve tried to post a picture but it wouldn’t let me.

Blog 14

I think the purpose of independent reading is to learn and grow as an individual. The more you read the more you’ll understand in life. That is a proven fact. I really like reading, but only when its books I really really enjoy. I love to read teen drama books, sporty books. I dislike most books if they dont relate to that in any way. We as a school can encourage kids to read what they want by making it an assignment worth a lot of points, that way no kid wants to fail but they will read to get a good grade and maybe enjoy it. I haven’t picked my specific book yet because Mr. Mcgarry said he would help me find a really good one that I would enjoy. I was thinking about the book “Defending Taylor”, which looks like a really good sporty book with some team drama. As I said I didn’t get it yet but I read plenty of reviews on it and I think that She is a”perfect” girl and she gets kicked out of private school for covering up a lie for her boyfriend. My only concern is how much time this is going to take. Im really busy right now with everything going on and im scared that I will not be able to make it in time, or make a really good one.


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Blog 13

After this argument I can say for sure that my mind hasn’t changed at all about wanting free college, it has changed however by accepting that it would take forever and a lot of money to have an actual free college. Plus people wouldn’t take it as seriously as they should if they were paying an attending classes. This gives nobody motivation if college is free. All they would do is lay around in their dorms an not attend class (not taking it seriously as I said before).  the argument in general: why I think its a good idea to not have a free college? It just doesn’t seem necessary to have a free college. It wouldn’t give people the motivation to do anything. I think the way I argue is pretty good considering I give citations during the whole entire debate and came prepared unlike my opponent. My peers handle it calm and collectively. If someone had a problem with how or what I am debating on they usually ask me or come talk to me about it. Most adults usually come up and talk to you about it but some can be childish and talk about what you said or what you’re saying to other adults. The best debate in my opinion was Jasmine and Mr. Mcgarry’s debate on abortion. Personally abortion is an interesting topic to me an how people feel on the subject. Every time Mr. Mcgarry went up and tried to defend himself Jasmine came right back at him with a really good comeback. They both brought up very good points and personally I think Mr. Mcgarry did win, but he is very politically intelligent with these type of debates as us, the classmates we dont really have the urgency to learn about it. My thoughts from the very beginning of the research process, I thought free college would be a great idea but now I dont think so. We use college as an entry into the grown up world, by living by ourselves, handling our own finances, etc. Developing a speech was kind of hard but I got through it with the help of websites and other peoples knowledge.


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Blog 12

My opinion over time has not changed, I think its best if people pay for college. The most interesting piece of information that I came across on this topic was that People would rather go to a free college not even looking at all of the difficult things after college (finances) an other things. I dont understand why people wouldn’t look into the situation more. I would rather pay for college an enjoy the experience, learning along the way about finances, and other grown up things. This is so interesting to me because people NEED to learn these things and not having college be like “eh its nothing really”. Other people should learn that college shouldn’t be free, if it is free than it would be so crowded and people that dont care about their grades that much can get into it because they need a better job. I had a feeling before I did research on this topic that people would rather free college, I mean I would’ve too, but after discovering that life after would be very difficult, I would rather take my chances with paying. The internet source that made me realize a lot about this debate topic was pros& Many people would love free college because many people cant afford it without a scholarship or grant. This activates these emotions in society because people get very angry when they cant get a good job so they vote against the person who wants a payed for college, hurting the chances of a good president. This is an emotional topic because instead of me trying to find out what people think, it says it right away. It is important because people NEED to know about these conflicts with free college. Right vs wrong, people need to understand that it isn’t right to go to college for free because its not quite as an experience if EVERYONE can attend. Logical appeal is the most important to this debate topic because you need all the facts you can receive to see why free college sucks. I learned to be prepared and not taking crap from anyone else who is against you, shoot your facts right back at them. This will affect a future argument because if you dont know all the facts or you dont think you’re 100% right then dont argue with anyone about it.Image result for free college tuition

Blog 11

My topic for debate is State College Tuition. My assigned position is to describe the Cons for it. I believe this is a good idea because everyone who cant afford to go now to college could have a choice to go. If people didn’t have to pay for tuition and loans then we could all contribute more to the economy and students shouldn’t have to stress about being broke after their schooling to pay back their loans. I already know that school is very expensive, but very helpful for having good jobs later in life. When you look up State College Tuition, you get a bunch of legit websites like:,, and I plan to address this topic but explaining how State College Tuition can have cons and pros. Im attacking the cons for this blog. If we did move from the kind of college we have now to a free college we would need money. Taxes would go up for everyone! Which is not a very good thing or state we would want to be in right now. Another issue is that younger generations wont understand how to handle their finances. Since college is learning how to live on a budget, you need to be prepared for the real world with little experience, if any. We also have to look at how everyone would be there, which is not necessarily all bad but the fees would increase drastically. Either schools would need more money or they would have to create a wait list. I feel like people should get a free college, especially the ones who cannot afford it. People should feel as though everyone should have a chance to go to college even though there are some cons there are also multiple pros. That way everybody could have a good chance getting a job and living the best life.

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Virtues Experiment:

In class we learned about Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues. On paper they seem logical and doable however, in real life we all violate them in some type of way. The ones that I violated just in the last day are: Silence, Order, Industry, Cleanliness, and Tranquility. Silence is the first virtue I violated today. Texting my friends and joking around is not always helping anybody. For instance, when I text Daisha a funny picture its helping to make her laugh, but its not really contributing to the growth of mankind. Sometimes silly conversation is necessary, but has no other value. The next virtue I violated is order. Although I like to be organized and my room is the cleanest of all my siblings, there are times when I come in the house and drop my things wherever they fall. Also, when I am in a hurry, I just throw my stuff onto the ground. When I’m in the mood to clean however, I like my things in order, so I understand how this is a virtue. Industry is another virtue I violated today. It is very difficult for every action to have a purpose. Simply playing with my puppy is fun, but does not serve a purpose. I probably could put my phone down more, and do more productive things, but Ben Franklin would not have understood the addiction of a cell phone. My fourth virtue that I violated today would be cleanliness. While I am meticulous with my body and clothing, my bedroom is a different story. I have a habit of throwing things everywhere when I’m in a hurry, and when I come back I dont feel the need to put them away. However, I do not like things missing and I instantly regret it. The next virtue I violated is tranquility. Although I have been working on this lately, I do have a bad temper. I tend to blow things out of proportion. I have recently realized that life is too short, and I want to make the most of this amazing life I’m living. I’m trying to not be such a hothead. So in closing, I think Franklin’s virtues are a good guide to strive for, but we are only human, and we all make mistakes.

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A Smile…..

The poem “A Smile” was pretty bad. I couldn’t understand what it meant or how to comprehend it, and thinking it was too long to read. Some of the questions I had were pretty reasonable since i couldn’t understand half the poem. I thought it would be easy to read it since it had a shorter title but that was definitely not the case. A lot of things i didn’t get were how it was able to follow a rhyme scheme or a pattern. I know all poems do not have to follow a pattern but the more of the rhyme schemes it has the easier to read. Some questions that I couldn’t figure out were how it used imagery, and I couldn’t figure out the theme. At first i realized it was in a song by the Eagles so i thought it was about music, then as we got deeper and deeper into the poem the lyrics are not there anymore and it says that “our little life is rounded with a sleep”. I think that means that the story is about how when we dream our life is not so hard as it seems. If we follow our dreams then there are less things to worry about. In the poem i feel as if the author is making it seem like they are pathetic and lacking in self confidence. Towards the end it seems as if the persons dreams were not important or not enough anymore. This whole poem is depressing and long. I really really dont like this poem. I am out of questions for this poem and i am only at 273 words and I need 350. Overall the main allusion i really liked was ” as dreamers lie”. This is a very important allusion because it combines everything together since the narrators dream was all wrong. Since I finished and I am out of ideas to write about, i am going to ask about your thanksgiving, How was it?  mine was pretty good, the whole family got together and had a lot of fun. I really hated this poem, so please make it easier next time because every time i read it i couldn’t find it. Ok im done


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What’s your story blog 5

I picked the six word short story ” For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” I picked this short story because it seemed like an a story i would enjoy reading or telling. My story is going to be about a mother (Maria) and her husband (Tyler) who live in Dallas Texas, they’re planning to sell their house and have baby. The mothers past was not the ideal past you want to have growing up. there were drugs, alcohol, and she was abused. Maria’s mother was not around very much but her stepfather Ronny abused her. When Maria was growing up she started to cope with her problems by drinking alcohol. She met her husband Tyler at a bar in New York were they shortly discovered they had fallen head over heels in love with each other. They were married for 3 years after they decided we need to sell this apartment. After 3 weeks of open houses, they finally found a great couple who wanted their apartment. While they were still searching for a home, Maria and Tyler thought it would be a good idea to start having a baby together. I’d go into more detail but I want my story to have a surprising ending. That was a brief summary of my short story, and my idea came from my head. As soon as I saw that six word short story I knew this would be an attention grabber. After a bunch of planning and sorting out details, I eventually picked this story instead of the first one I wanted. I cant relate to this because my life is pretty great, but I felt like these type of stories a lot of people could relate to or understand and I want them to know that they are not alone, and nobody should ever think they are compared to nothing. Everyone is beautiful in their own way! This story made me realize not everything in life is good. A report of child abuse or neglect is made every 10 seconds, and that really spoke to me and I thought I needed to speak up and not be silent about this kind of stuff. This story is a very intense story to say the least. It is going to be very well sorted out and put together, and after brainstorming and solving all these details this will be a really good short story! Image result for for saleImage result for baby shoes