Blog 24

I really really did not like this novel because of how hard it was to read. Usually the books that I read are in English and not whatever that slang is called. It was not better than expected because I really thought it was going to be a good book since my mom said it is a very good book. Clearly, she was wrong. However I think the book did accomplish it’s job with the theme because throughout the entire story it didn’t go from one problem to another without sticking to the same theme. If Twain wanted to go onto another theme he would have ended the original one and start a different one. I think it accomplished it’s theme very well. I think this novel didn’t compare to any of the novel I’ve read since I liked most of them. I honestly would have liked it if they didn’t talk like that. I thought the end of the book was pretty uneventful. I would have changed it to be more interesting or more suspenseful. There wasn’t really much going on towards the end of the book and I feel like Twain just crammed everything in the end of the book. The most important things for the reader to take in while reading this story is that you should never be rude or mean there is just no point. The novel still relates to life today because people will always have different opinions than you there are just different ways to take it on.



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