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This book was very annoying to read overall. It was hard to understand the people talking because they talked so dumb. It literally pissed me off trying to read it haha. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do though. The most important chapters of this book was when Huck explained to the King and Duke that he was leaving so they didn’t think he was trying to betray them. The king confesses to hiding the money after being choked. After that Huck tells Jim the entire story. The new character we meet is Silas Phelps. He is introduced into the story because he is the “new” owner of Jim. The duke sold Jim to the Phelps’ farm. Another person who is reintroduced is Tom sawyer. He get reintroduced because he was going to visit family to get out of the small town where everything reminded him of his best friends “death”. (he wasn’t really dead) The Phelps farm is very disorganized. They have terrible security and appear dumb because of how they keep Jim. Jim is locked up by putting hand cuffs under the bed post. He can easily just lift up the bed and run. I think that at the end of the story Jim is going to die. I dont know why I think it is going to happen but I am pretty confident that he or Huck is going to die. Someone is going to pass I feel it! I really disliked this book because you cannot figure out what they are saying if you are a fast reader. You need to give the book your full attention and it is hard because you really need to focus on what you are reading and if you are busy it can become difficult. The plot of the story is good I have nothing against that but if they worded it right, it wouldn’t be a problem. I give this book a 5.5/10 just because of the wording. Im excited to see what happens in the end. I have no more stuff to type so im just going to bull crap this until it hits 350.


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