Blog 23

Some important things of this chapter are that we found out where Jim was sold. The Duke and King betrayed Huck and sold Jim just for their benefit. We meet Toms family members, who they are and what they do. We learn more about Huck and Tom together because Tom wants to help free Jim, and back then it was known as a wrong doing if a white kid helped a black slave. Apparently you would go to hell. We also learn about how Huck really cares for Jim, and he starts to become more mature to me as we go along in the book. Huck has further development because he really shows us he is growing up because he cares about Jim, again a black slave who you “shouldn’t” like back then. About the Phelps farm.. they have no security and they seem dumb in a way because the way that they kept Jim was hooked to a bedpost which is not very clever. I think towards the end Jim and Huck will live together and live a better life far away from the town and people in the state.


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