My experience in satire is that its in everyday life. People use satire even when they dont know they are doing it. My favorite type of satire is when they are making fun of trump on the late night show or when its in comedy movies like Scary Movie. I really think that it can out someone in an entire different mood. I think its funny when I can personally relate to the type of satire I enjoy. On the other hand, Mark Twain is someone who has influenced a lot on me since my mom is obsessed with him. Based on research I did about Mark Twain I know that he is a very popular person back in the day. He received money for writing and composing different articles for newspapers and I find that really interesting. Mark Twain was also rejected by his girlfriend Olivia Langdon in a proposal, and I found that pretty interesting. He wrote Huckleberry Fin which is one of my moms favorite books. He was a very talented writer and I like his books. Those are the things i find interesting about Mark Twain.


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