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I love this film. This is a very good movie and since I like older movies it makes me happy because its like a trip down memory lane. During the beginning of the movie I didn’t think that it was going to be enjoyable since it started off as a chase and didn’t really seem like it was going to have a good plot. I really liked when he started following her and observing what she was doing. The way that Alfred Hitchcock designed the movie to have it as the guys wife resembling Carlotta. The things I really didn’t like about the movie was his ex fiance. I just feel like Scotties ex didn’t really have a meaning towards her character, now maybe that will change, but in the mean time I just didn’t feel like she really had a purpose. Im interested in paranormal activities movies and ghost movies even though they scare me. I particularly like this movie because things dont jump out at you. Alfred creates it so you discover along with Scottie ( the ex detective ). Some predictions that I had were how eventually she might die, or Scottie and the wife might end up together, or have an affair. I love a good romance movie and it would be pretty cool if it turned into a paranormal/romantic movie. At first when I heard the title I thought it would be something stupid and not interesting, but it was the complete opposite. I was taken by surprise when Mr. Garry decided that we were going to watch this in English class because im not really sure what it means but I dont care at all because this is definitely one of my favorite movies ever! Also im always down to watch a movie and take notes instead of doing notes doing busy work.


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