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After reading about the Civil Disobedience thing, I really do agree with Thoreau’s theory and I began to question everything about society, but mainly the government. I think the government is totally too involved in our lives. On social media people make meme’s about the FBI or government watching over us on our phones. But in all honesty I think the government still should exist because if we didn’t have the it, we would be lost in our society. The government is important but only in a way for us needing to be safe. The government does keep us safe but by doing so they really need to not over step our boundaries and private space. The role that the citizen plays is how we can kind of control the government by voting. If we vote and keep them out of the ballots, they wouldn’t get reelected into their position they are now in.  A dictatorship is the best one because they want their country to like them. The role of Civil Disobedience is to basically draw attention in a more simpler way than having a riot or worse.This can be effective if people execute it correctly and dont get violent. If you become violent or refuse to be taken to jail your point wont get around quickly or wont be effective at ALL.


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