Blog 17

After reading about the Civil Disobedience thing, I really do agree with Thoreau’s theory and I began to question everything about society, but mainly the government. I think the government is totally too involved in our lives. On social media people make meme’s about the FBI or government watching over us on our phones. But in all honesty I think the government still should exist because if we didn’t have the it, we would be lost in our society. The government is important but only in a way for us needing to be safe. The government does keep us safe but by doing so they really need to not over step our boundaries and private space. The role that the citizen plays is how we can kind of control the government by voting. If we vote and keep them out of the ballots, they wouldn’t get reelected into their position they are now in.  A dictatorship is the best one because they want their country to like them. The role of Civil Disobedience is to basically draw attention in a more simpler way than having a riot or worse.This can be effective if people execute it correctly and dont get violent. If you become violent or refuse to be taken to jail your point wont get around quickly or wont be effective at ALL.


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Blog 15

Thoreau’s and Emerson’s thoughts are deeper and simpler than Emerson. The main meaning and idea of this proportion is its a mans duty to make everything in his life meaningful, and every moment needs to be worth it. In the ending, Thoreau explains that you dont have to go above and beyond about when yourself is in an undercover area, that you can discover yourself throughout thought. Though, he has benefits of leaving behind society and living in nature. Which includes, having relaxation times, and some peace and quiet, leisure, and thinking about carrying out actions,peace of mind and body. If I was picking, I would chose to stick with society because I dont want the feeling of being a lone 24/7. I love when someone keeps me company. If I had anybody else besides a dog, family member, or best friend I would get very annoyed because I usually only talk to those kinds of people. I would definitely miss my phone, my car, and the usual electronic stuff, if I only had to take one person, I seriously would take my dogs, even though they cant talk, like they say in the saying “A mans best friend is it’s dog”. I think I could definitely do it, but I would be a little lonely without human interaction. Thoreau’s benefits sound all in all pretty decent as I stated in the beginning, but as I also said if it were me, I would want some company so it defets the purpose of “living in nature”. Also I feel like you would go insane if you never had anyone to talk to. To understand this fully you need to have a little bit of an understanding to what Thoreau’s trying to describe by being alone, but also not wanting to go crazy. Make sure you need to point out all the key words in the beginning throughout the end of the story. I really dont like learning about this stuff for your future referencing for other classes, but I like his idea of being a little by himself in nature itself.


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Blog 14 #1


I forgot all about this blog to be honest so lets turn it in late because that’s what I do best!! Okay getting on with the blog, my initial thoughts on transcendentalism are okay, I sort of like it. I think man has ruined natures true meaning, I think men can naturally be good without the rules of society. Society sometimes causes people to act out on bad situations or even normal situations. If someone acts out its usually because of society! I think that man wouldn’t be looked at so terribly if the society wasn’t a thing. All in all, they stood up for what they believed in, and I admire that a lot. I do believe man is naturally good at natural things. As I said before I dont think man is naturally evil, but I do think society makes people go insane inside. Example: School shootings. There recently, recently as in last night, was a school shooting. I believed the kid who shot up the school only did this because there is obviously something not right with him and it had to do with the norms of society. Man should never act out just because of society, but I strongly believe that that’s why we do act out. I really hate learning about transcendentalism because I dont quite understand the meaning of it. Yes I’ve looked up the definitions and researched about it but to be truthful I really really hate this lesson. Im currently at 249 words and I have ran out what to say, so im going to briefly give you a summary about what Im trying to say. Transcendentalism is not the best. If man gets rid of society destroyed values and keep the nature pure. So Mr. Mcgarry, I’ve ran out of stuff to say again. I feel like this is not very important to understand in the first place. We wouldn’t use this everyday in our lives when we move onto college ect. So right now im sitting here in chem class trying to finish this blog and getting late points, because late points are better than no points. Im finally done so goodbye. I’ve tried to post a picture but it wouldn’t let me.

Blog 14

I think the purpose of independent reading is to learn and grow as an individual. The more you read the more you’ll understand in life. That is a proven fact. I really like reading, but only when its books I really really enjoy. I love to read teen drama books, sporty books. I dislike most books if they dont relate to that in any way. We as a school can encourage kids to read what they want by making it an assignment worth a lot of points, that way no kid wants to fail but they will read to get a good grade and maybe enjoy it. I haven’t picked my specific book yet because Mr. Mcgarry said he would help me find a really good one that I would enjoy. I was thinking about the book “Defending Taylor”, which looks like a really good sporty book with some team drama. As I said I didn’t get it yet but I read plenty of reviews on it and I think that She is a”perfect” girl and she gets kicked out of private school for covering up a lie for her boyfriend. My only concern is how much time this is going to take. Im really busy right now with everything going on and im scared that I will not be able to make it in time, or make a really good one.


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