Blog 13

After this argument I can say for sure that my mind hasn’t changed at all about wanting free college, it has changed however by accepting that it would take forever and a lot of money to have an actual free college. Plus people wouldn’t take it as seriously as they should if they were paying an attending classes. This gives nobody motivation if college is free. All they would do is lay around in their dorms an not attend class (not taking it seriously as I said before).  the argument in general: why I think its a good idea to not have a free college? It just doesn’t seem necessary to have a free college. It wouldn’t give people the motivation to do anything. I think the way I argue is pretty good considering I give citations during the whole entire debate and came prepared unlike my opponent. My peers handle it calm and collectively. If someone had a problem with how or what I am debating on they usually ask me or come talk to me about it. Most adults usually come up and talk to you about it but some can be childish and talk about what you said or what you’re saying to other adults. The best debate in my opinion was Jasmine and Mr. Mcgarry’s debate on abortion. Personally abortion is an interesting topic to me an how people feel on the subject. Every time Mr. Mcgarry went up and tried to defend himself Jasmine came right back at him with a really good comeback. They both brought up very good points and personally I think Mr. Mcgarry did win, but he is very politically intelligent with these type of debates as us, the classmates we dont really have the urgency to learn about it. My thoughts from the very beginning of the research process, I thought free college would be a great idea but now I dont think so. We use college as an entry into the grown up world, by living by ourselves, handling our own finances, etc. Developing a speech was kind of hard but I got through it with the help of websites and other peoples knowledge.


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Blog 12

My opinion over time has not changed, I think its best if people pay for college. The most interesting piece of information that I came across on this topic was that People would rather go to a free college not even looking at all of the difficult things after college (finances) an other things. I dont understand why people wouldn’t look into the situation more. I would rather pay for college an enjoy the experience, learning along the way about finances, and other grown up things. This is so interesting to me because people NEED to learn these things and not having college be like “eh its nothing really”. Other people should learn that college shouldn’t be free, if it is free than it would be so crowded and people that dont care about their grades that much can get into it because they need a better job. I had a feeling before I did research on this topic that people would rather free college, I mean I would’ve too, but after discovering that life after would be very difficult, I would rather take my chances with paying. The internet source that made me realize a lot about this debate topic was pros& Many people would love free college because many people cant afford it without a scholarship or grant. This activates these emotions in society because people get very angry when they cant get a good job so they vote against the person who wants a payed for college, hurting the chances of a good president. This is an emotional topic because instead of me trying to find out what people think, it says it right away. It is important because people NEED to know about these conflicts with free college. Right vs wrong, people need to understand that it isn’t right to go to college for free because its not quite as an experience if EVERYONE can attend. Logical appeal is the most important to this debate topic because you need all the facts you can receive to see why free college sucks. I learned to be prepared and not taking crap from anyone else who is against you, shoot your facts right back at them. This will affect a future argument because if you dont know all the facts or you dont think you’re 100% right then dont argue with anyone about it.Image result for free college tuition

Blog 11

My topic for debate is State College Tuition. My assigned position is to describe the Cons for it. I believe this is a good idea because everyone who cant afford to go now to college could have a choice to go. If people didn’t have to pay for tuition and loans then we could all contribute more to the economy and students shouldn’t have to stress about being broke after their schooling to pay back their loans. I already know that school is very expensive, but very helpful for having good jobs later in life. When you look up State College Tuition, you get a bunch of legit websites like:,, and I plan to address this topic but explaining how State College Tuition can have cons and pros. Im attacking the cons for this blog. If we did move from the kind of college we have now to a free college we would need money. Taxes would go up for everyone! Which is not a very good thing or state we would want to be in right now. Another issue is that younger generations wont understand how to handle their finances. Since college is learning how to live on a budget, you need to be prepared for the real world with little experience, if any. We also have to look at how everyone would be there, which is not necessarily all bad but the fees would increase drastically. Either schools would need more money or they would have to create a wait list. I feel like people should get a free college, especially the ones who cannot afford it. People should feel as though everyone should have a chance to go to college even though there are some cons there are also multiple pros. That way everybody could have a good chance getting a job and living the best life.

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