Virtues Experiment:

In class we learned about Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues. On paper they seem logical and doable however, in real life we all violate them in some type of way. The ones that I violated just in the last day are: Silence, Order, Industry, Cleanliness, and Tranquility. Silence is the first virtue I violated today. Texting my friends and joking around is not always helping anybody. For instance, when I text Daisha a funny picture its helping to make her laugh, but its not really contributing to the growth of mankind. Sometimes silly conversation is necessary, but has no other value. The next virtue I violated is order. Although I like to be organized and my room is the cleanest of all my siblings, there are times when I come in the house and drop my things wherever they fall. Also, when I am in a hurry, I just throw my stuff onto the ground. When I’m in the mood to clean however, I like my things in order, so I understand how this is a virtue. Industry is another virtue I violated today. It is very difficult for every action to have a purpose. Simply playing with my puppy is fun, but does not serve a purpose. I probably could put my phone down more, and do more productive things, but Ben Franklin would not have understood the addiction of a cell phone. My fourth virtue that I violated today would be cleanliness. While I am meticulous with my body and clothing, my bedroom is a different story. I have a habit of throwing things everywhere when I’m in a hurry, and when I come back I dont feel the need to put them away. However, I do not like things missing and I instantly regret it. The next virtue I violated is tranquility. Although I have been working on this lately, I do have a bad temper. I tend to blow things out of proportion. I have recently realized that life is too short, and I want to make the most of this amazing life I’m living. I’m trying to not be such a hothead. So in closing, I think Franklin’s virtues are a good guide to strive for, but we are only human, and we all make mistakes.

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