A Smile…..

The poem “A Smile” was pretty bad. I couldn’t understand what it meant or how to comprehend it, and thinking it was too long to read. Some of the questions I had were pretty reasonable since i couldn’t understand half the poem. I thought it would be easy to read it since it had a shorter title but that was definitely not the case. A lot of things i didn’t get were how it was able to follow a rhyme scheme or a pattern. I know all poems do not have to follow a pattern but the more of the rhyme schemes it has the easier to read. Some questions that I couldn’t figure out were how it used imagery, and I couldn’t figure out the theme. At first i realized it was in a song by the Eagles so i thought it was about music, then as we got deeper and deeper into the poem the lyrics are not there anymore and it says that “our little life is rounded with a sleep”. I think that means that the story is about how when we dream our life is not so hard as it seems. If we follow our dreams then there are less things to worry about. In the poem i feel as if the author is making it seem like they are pathetic and lacking in self confidence. Towards the end it seems as if the persons dreams were not important or not enough anymore. This whole poem is depressing and long. I really really dont like this poem. I am out of questions for this poem and i am only at 273 words and I need 350. Overall the main allusion i really liked was ” as dreamers lie”. This is a very important allusion because it combines everything together since the narrators dream was all wrong. Since I finished and I am out of ideas to write about, i am going to ask about your thanksgiving, How was it?  mine was pretty good, the whole family got together and had a lot of fun. I really hated this poem, so please make it easier next time because every time i read it i couldn’t find it. Ok im done


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