What’s your story blog 5

I picked the six word short story ” For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” I picked this short story because it seemed like an a story i would enjoy reading or telling. My story is going to be about a mother (Maria) and her husband (Tyler) who live in Dallas Texas, they’re planning to sell their house and have baby. The mothers past was not the ideal past you want to have growing up. there were drugs, alcohol, and she was abused. Maria’s mother was not around very much but her stepfather Ronny abused her. When Maria was growing up she started to cope with her problems by drinking alcohol. She met her husband Tyler at a bar in New York were they shortly discovered they had fallen head over heels in love with each other. They were married for 3 years after they decided we need to sell this apartment. After 3 weeks of open houses, they finally found a great couple who wanted their apartment. While they were still searching for a home, Maria and Tyler thought it would be a good idea to start having a baby together. I’d go into more detail but I want my story to have a surprising ending. That was a brief summary of my short story, and my idea came from my head. As soon as I saw that six word short story I knew this would be an attention grabber. After a bunch of planning and sorting out details, I eventually picked this story instead of the first one I wanted. I cant relate to this because my life is pretty great, but I felt like these type of stories a lot of people could relate to or understand and I want them to know that they are not alone, and nobody should ever think they are compared to nothing. Everyone is beautiful in their own way! This story made me realize not everything in life is good. A report of child abuse or neglect is made every 10 seconds, and that really spoke to me and I thought I needed to speak up and not be silent about this kind of stuff. This story is a very intense story to say the least. It is going to be very well sorted out and put together, and after brainstorming and solving all these details this will be a really good short story! Image result for for saleImage result for baby shoes

Fair Week

Fair week to start out was pretty rough. We lost our soccer game to Mount Carmel who we should’ve beaten since they are not very good, but at least we made a huge comeback to win our Line Mountain game on Saturday! In the beginning of the week our coach tried to prepare us for our Mount Carmel game which we all thought it was going to be an easy win, sadly it didn’t turn out that way. So after our Tuesday game he killed us with running so much we were physically dead. Usually I hate practicing in the morning and getting up very early but it after that game against Mount Carmel we needed an awakening. I felt something I have never felt before after a game in my life… It hit me hard that if we didn’t win against this up coming team ( Line Mountain) we would have not gone to the play-offs. Something inside triggered all of us in that second quarter to play with our hearts since we needed and wanted it more than Line Mountain. After they scored on a crappy outside of the box, our heads went down and we kind of gave up. When we had a hand-ball in the 18, they had a PK and they scored. After the first half we had another rude awakening, our coach was beyond pissed and didn’t even yell, he just said in a calm voice (Which is very terrifying)  ” anybody have anything to say?” and right then and there we knew it was bad. Our assistant coach was screaming at us and then a freshmen stands up and says how we need to play with our hearts and this could be our seniors last season with us. It was a very emotional time so everyone stood up and we all got very excited to start playing again. The second quarter we were a whole new team, with a different attitude and everything. We had two break away’s and Haley Widom scored and then Paige had a PK and she had a break away also. Overall we won 4-2 and our comeback was much needed and much deserved since we had the most heart towards the end. This fair week was probably one of worst ive ever experienced but other than that the soccer games were really really enjoyable and fun. That is how my fair week went and I will never forget that feeling in my heart about soccer more than that game day. The sport is honestly my life, I would do anything for it.Image result for soccerRelated image