The theme of Spirit is to never stop fighting for what you believe in. The setting is located in the Wild West 1872, and the main characters are Spirit, Little Creek, and the Colonel. Spirit is very different from all the other horses because he is a firm believer that where you come from is your home and you will do anything and everything to protect that. The theme that is described in this story is true because when Spirit was captured he did everything he believed in, like trying to get back to his herd, or trying to be free once again. The protagonist are Rain, Spirit, and Little Creek. The Antagonist is The colonel because he is trying to tame Spirit when really nobody could ever break him, but when the Colonel tried to ride Spirit he was so angry and frustrated that he couldn’t break the horse he was going to shoot Spirit until Little Creek (the Indian Tribe Person who was captured) saved him from being shot at the last moment.

The setting was also told through Spirit. Towards the beginning he always wanted to become the best/most respectful horse there is. Ever since the incident where he was captured by the U.S military, his whole game plan changed. Forcing him to become the horse he always wanted to be. Spirit was taken to a place where they needed to build the railroad tracks, so with his views he obviously didn’t want them to build over his land and with that being said, he used all his power he had in himself to stop them. Eventually they did and his land was free once again. “A horse is gotta do what a hose is gotta do” comes into play as another great theme idea for this movie because its basically saying that as a human, animal, etc. you have to own up to your duties and accomplish them.

I had two very good theme ideas for this specific movie. The most important one was “never stop fighting for what you believe in”. All in all, in this movie that is the most important part of the story and of the theme.

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Week 2

Week two was interesting to say the least. In class we went into extreme detail on everything that can occur in a short story, novel etc. The most interesting thing that we learned about made me realize there is  so much more to a story than it seems. Complication was a big thing that made me see how different it could make something in the story. Most of the conflicts I was aware of but never really acknowledged them in any type of way. Super natural vs Super natural was one that I couldn’t think of  in any stories, books, movies that had it in it, but when I dug down deeper I found out that all the Marvel Comics and transformer books were examples of that! I never really noticed that it was Super natural vs Super natural and thought it was just man vs super natural. This changes the way I look at a book or movie because I can fully understand what the author was trying to get at complication wise. As we also touched base on what stock characters mean. I really love this one because i get that in some super hero movies like Superman or Batman there is always a “damsel in distress”. Something that really blew my mind was how Mr. Mcgarry brought up how the “damsel in distress is always a girl calling out for the man, it is never a man calling out for a guy besides in the newer movies like Wonder Women. “Wise old man” was another stock character that was fun learning because I have always wondered why is there almost always people like Dumbledore in movies like Harry Potter. When Mr. Mcgarry brought up the fact that stories like Harry Potter needs a man who is wise but not the main character so the main character can learn on its own with the help of someone who has more knowledge made me realize that the story becomes more interesting.

Week two has been a roller coaster with sports and homework. Everyone I know is sick or is getting sick, so hopefully I dont become sick. Not much has changed besides everyone getting into the swing of things with our classes. The girls soccer team tied to South Williamsport in double over-time and although we should have won we did not. Hopefully this year will go by fast and we can all make the best of our Junior year!

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