First Week of School

My first week of school was probably one of the greatest I have ever experienced. It went by so fast and seeing my friends I didn’t usually see in the summer was great. The biggest disappointment for me was having Geometry every odd day, and every even day a study hall. I wish I had study hall every day because math is a really boring subject for me, I’m also not very good at it. Some new adjustments were really just looking for my classes and getting to know the teachers, so nothing too knew.

I thought I knew more about people but it turns out I didn’t know much at all. The most interesting thing I saw was that my friend Alex liked most of the same things as me, which I thought was pretty cool because we don’t talk on a daily basis. Its pretty cool when you get to know your classmates a lot better because it is the people you’ve grown up with your entire life, and just getting to know someone should make you feel good inside. I enjoyed everyone’s presentations too, it wasn’t just like ” omg I don’t care about this, its useless” but in reality its very good to know what someone likes.

Whenever I get really in my feels I like to watch really sad movies and my favorite happens to be A Dogs Purpose because I love my dog Rylie so much and I feel that kind of connection when I watch the movie in real life with my dog. I am a firm believer in the saying ” everything happens for a reason” and I really just connect that with the movie. Since it’s really sad I can only watch it on certain days where I am just by myself or I have nothing better to do like soccer.


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