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All three poems are the same in a way. They all have a darker meaning to them and they hit you kind of weirdly. Mcgarry usually has always, at least for my class, picked the darker poems and stories almost like Mr. Moser did. Yet again I didn’t understand these poems but I didn’t hate them, they were actually pretty good from what I read and understood. All these poems have basically the same theme. Its that we all follow each other and we are not our own person. We always follow in other peoples footsteps, like there is only one path and we all walk down the same one. In the first poem we read “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” The poet describes how everyone goes about their day the same and they dont change or switch it up. The second poem is the same theme but in a different way. They talk about bedtime and what they’re going to wear and while they can all wear a lot of different bed clothing, they all wear the same thing. The third poem I didn’t really understand so I cant say that I knew what it was about, But I read some other peoples blogs and they describe it pretty clearly more than what we talked about or the poem in general. The poem I found most relatable to our society today was the second poem. It just perfectly describes how everyone does not have their own path in life, we always follow in each others footsteps. I liked the first poem because I could understand it number one and number two because I can enjoy it while im reading it and most people know I hate poems. I found the first poem to be more clear than all the others, although the second one was not that bad I just prefer the easier poems as probably most people in the world. I finished all my other questions so im trying to use words to fill up the blog. This wasn’t as a bad of a poem as people thought.


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Blog 24

I really really did not like this novel because of how hard it was to read. Usually the books that I read are in English and not whatever that slang is called. It was not better than expected because I really thought it was going to be a good book since my mom said it is a very good book. Clearly, she was wrong. However I think the book did accomplish it’s job with the theme because throughout the entire story it didn’t go from one problem to another without sticking to the same theme. If Twain wanted to go onto another theme he would have ended the original one and start a different one. I think it accomplished it’s theme very well. I think this novel didn’t compare to any of the novel I’ve read since I liked most of them. I honestly would have liked it if they didn’t talk like that. I thought the end of the book was pretty uneventful. I would have changed it to be more interesting or more suspenseful. There wasn’t really much going on towards the end of the book and I feel like Twain just crammed everything in the end of the book. The most important things for the reader to take in while reading this story is that you should never be rude or mean there is just no point. The novel still relates to life today because people will always have different opinions than you there are just different ways to take it on.



Blog 23

This book was very annoying to read overall. It was hard to understand the people talking because they talked so dumb. It literally pissed me off trying to read it haha. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do though. The most important chapters of this book was when Huck explained to the King and Duke that he was leaving so they didn’t think he was trying to betray them. The king confesses to hiding the money after being choked. After that Huck tells Jim the entire story. The new character we meet is Silas Phelps. He is introduced into the story because he is the “new” owner of Jim. The duke sold Jim to the Phelps’ farm. Another person who is reintroduced is Tom sawyer. He get reintroduced because he was going to visit family to get out of the small town where everything reminded him of his best friends “death”. (he wasn’t really dead) The Phelps farm is very disorganized. They have terrible security and appear dumb because of how they keep Jim. Jim is locked up by putting hand cuffs under the bed post. He can easily just lift up the bed and run. I think that at the end of the story Jim is going to die. I dont know why I think it is going to happen but I am pretty confident that he or Huck is going to die. Someone is going to pass I feel it! I really disliked this book because you cannot figure out what they are saying if you are a fast reader. You need to give the book your full attention and it is hard because you really need to focus on what you are reading and if you are busy it can become difficult. The plot of the story is good I have nothing against that but if they worded it right, it wouldn’t be a problem. I give this book a 5.5/10 just because of the wording. Im excited to see what happens in the end. I have no more stuff to type so im just going to bull crap this until it hits 350.


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Blog 23

Some important things of this chapter are that we found out where Jim was sold. The Duke and King betrayed Huck and sold Jim just for their benefit. We meet Toms family members, who they are and what they do. We learn more about Huck and Tom together because Tom wants to help free Jim, and back then it was known as a wrong doing if a white kid helped a black slave. Apparently you would go to hell. We also learn about how Huck really cares for Jim, and he starts to become more mature to me as we go along in the book. Huck has further development because he really shows us he is growing up because he cares about Jim, again a black slave who you “shouldn’t” like back then. About the Phelps farm.. they have no security and they seem dumb in a way because the way that they kept Jim was hooked to a bedpost which is not very clever. I think towards the end Jim and Huck will live together and live a better life far away from the town and people in the state.


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Blog 22

My selected author is Mark Twain, also known as Samuel Longhorne Clemens. I chose this writer because since we are reading Huckleberry Finn, I really liked how he was very against slavery in Huck Finn, because that just shows to go that he really cares about people for people. He was born in the 1800’s so usually you would think “oh since he is a white man he is for slavery and he doesn’t give a shit about colored people” but he was obviously raised right and that’s one thing, out of the many things I really love about him. He was a short story writer, which lead me to choosing him because I hate poems, so I leaned towards choosing him as my selected author. The three most interesting works by Mark Twain was actually easy to chose. I haven’t read a lot of his stories but the ones I have I loved. I really liked Huckleberry Finn, My mom used to read me Mississippi River when I was younger and we used to laugh out loud, And my last favorite one that looks interesting is Roughing it. I know Twain is a feminist even though like I said he was born in the 1800’s so people weren’t very lenient with black people doing anything and saw them as less than us. I am excited to learn more about Twain and what he has to offer.


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Blog 21

I really liked this book. I enjoy this books general idea. Whatever it is supposed to mean, it is an exciting book in a lot of places.  It is exciting to see what Huck goes through as he tries to escape from civilization and his father.  It is exciting to see things like what happens with the feuding families.  It’s just overall a fantastic story and I would recommend this to anybody. The only parts I didn’t like was when Mark Twain decided to make them talking weird like that. I hated it because I felt really stupid while reading it. It is a very slow moving book and hard to enjoy at some parts. I cant say this is the greatest story I have ever read, doesn’t even come close, but I still really enjoyed it. I was expecting it to be another horrible book that Mr. Mcgarry chose to read (No offense) but I really hate some of the stories you pick because the most we read in class were poems and if you know me you should know I cant stand them. Mark Twain is talented to say the least, and im glad that he chose this short story. I want to read more Twain books and I really researched him after we read the story. In class reading is much better than him asking us to read it at home. We really should just read them aloud in class like popcorn reading. It is one of the most interesting stories I have read. Coming from a mom who only read him to use when we were younger, I do know a lot about him. Twain’s humor in this is really dark and deep and I dont like that very much because I like happy stories. Also do not like how his father was a drunk and never cared for him because it was really really sad. I do want to read more of Marks books because I think the entire class enjoyed reading it, even though we did horrible on the test lol. He is a very talented writer and we really need to read more of him in the future.

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Blog 20

I thought the poem “The celebrated jumping frog of Calaveras County” was interesting to say the least. If you know me you know I hate poems. I did not like this poem and not because it was just  poem it was because I didn’t find the sense of humor/satire to be funny to me. It made no sense. I think by making people do a little short film was a great idea because everyone did it, well almost everyone. I thought it was a clever idea because I have never seen a book trailer or even heard of one. I think we should have all watched each others, but again was not my call. For the fourth quarter I really would like to do something similar just not a huge project because it actually gets people to read. The story of Huckleberry Finn was interesting. I really like this story because Mark Twain was a talented writer and my mom used to read me all his stories when we were younger because she is obsessed with him. My first impression was that I felt very bad for him because he was literally living on his own and it was very sad.


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My experience in satire is that its in everyday life. People use satire even when they dont know they are doing it. My favorite type of satire is when they are making fun of trump on the late night show or when its in comedy movies like Scary Movie. I really think that it can out someone in an entire different mood. I think its funny when I can personally relate to the type of satire I enjoy. On the other hand, Mark Twain is someone who has influenced a lot on me since my mom is obsessed with him. Based on research I did about Mark Twain I know that he is a very popular person back in the day. He received money for writing and composing different articles for newspapers and I find that really interesting. Mark Twain was also rejected by his girlfriend Olivia Langdon in a proposal, and I found that pretty interesting. He wrote Huckleberry Fin which is one of my moms favorite books. He was a very talented writer and I like his books. Those are the things i find interesting about Mark Twain.


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Blog 18

I love this film. This is a very good movie and since I like older movies it makes me happy because its like a trip down memory lane. During the beginning of the movie I didn’t think that it was going to be enjoyable since it started off as a chase and didn’t really seem like it was going to have a good plot. I really liked when he started following her and observing what she was doing. The way that Alfred Hitchcock designed the movie to have it as the guys wife resembling Carlotta. The things I really didn’t like about the movie was his ex fiance. I just feel like Scotties ex didn’t really have a meaning towards her character, now maybe that will change, but in the mean time I just didn’t feel like she really had a purpose. Im interested in paranormal activities movies and ghost movies even though they scare me. I particularly like this movie because things dont jump out at you. Alfred creates it so you discover along with Scottie ( the ex detective ). Some predictions that I had were how eventually she might die, or Scottie and the wife might end up together, or have an affair. I love a good romance movie and it would be pretty cool if it turned into a paranormal/romantic movie. At first when I heard the title I thought it would be something stupid and not interesting, but it was the complete opposite. I was taken by surprise when Mr. Garry decided that we were going to watch this in English class because im not really sure what it means but I dont care at all because this is definitely one of my favorite movies ever! Also im always down to watch a movie and take notes instead of doing notes doing busy work.


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Blog 18

My reaction to the Song of Myself poem after understanding it and going through is was pretty well written. I actually love this poem and it might be my new favorite. I do not like reading poems because I usually cant understand them, but when Mr. Mcgarry actually goes through it with us I really enjoy it! The section I found most interesting was section 6 where Whitman explained how society is like a blade of grass, and how we were all just basically all trying to figure ourselves out. I understand why this is the most interesting poem of the entire history of American Literature because, He explains everything so simply but in a different way than most poets. Whitman puts so many metaphors and similarities secretly into the poem it is truly amazing once you understand. If you read it the first time I wouldn’t expect anyone to understand it this quickly because he uses different ways to describe something instead of saying it right flat out. That is why he makes this so interesting. This is still a good poem to keep using because society is still the same. People need to figure out themselves (as it says in the poem) by themselves. You cant show anyone how to live life or try to explain to them what you believe because in reality all they will ever know is what they will believe themselves. Some questions I still have about this poem was if Walt was truly happy his entire life. Which I know that really is not believable because everyone has their days were they hate everything, at least I know I do. That was really the only question I have because like I said earlier, Mr. Mcgarry definitely showed me how hating a poem at first to loving it just by explaining into detail. I find it really cool the way Whitman took different words and meanings and completely switched it around to mean something else. Like a simple blade of grass could mean a huge society! I love that and this poem was really really one of my favorites. I would rate this poem a 9/10 because there are some things to work on but in all in all I loved it.


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