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Every morning I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, do my hair, get dressed, and do my makeup. That’s my morning routine, and I rarely break it (with the exception of the weekend because those are normally bum days). In the three poems: Disillusionment of 10’o Clock, anyone lived in a pretty how town and The Love Song of  J. Alfred Prufrock, the common theme is that society follows a repetitive routine that results in a monotonous and dull life. The theme is developed through the use of time. In, Disillusionment of 10’o Clock, the speaker tells the story of a town filled with people who wear the same boring nightgown every night, and don’t dream of anything exciting or unique (with the exception of a drunk sailor). The sailor is not following the rules of the society that he lives in, but has the most interesting outcome in his dreams. “anyone” and “noone” represents people in anyone lived in a pretty how town. Over time (which is kept track of by the changing season) they fall in love, get married, and enjoy their lives together until their eventual deaths. Afterward, the town buried them side by side, but the seasons kept changing and life went on with the cycle eventually beginning again. Finally, the speaker in The Love Song of  J. Alfred Prufrock has “…measured out my life with coffee spoons”. In other words, he’s done the same thing every day and hasn’t done anything to be proud of.  

anyone lived in a pretty how town is the poem I believe is the most applicable to today, because “anyone” and “noone” can represent you, me, your friends, the mailman, or maybe even your dog. It’s open to interpretation. This was also the favored poem out of the three because the diction e.e. cummings used gives the poem an upbeat vibe. It’s also interesting because rather than using the names of people, broad words like “anyone” and “noone” are used. Thats the end of this blog. 

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