Blog 24

Part 1: As a whole, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was pretty good. Twain was able to keep me entertained and interested, and I actually got emotionally invested in the storyline and characters which has never really happened with other books I’ve read. The characters, Jim and Tom Sawyer, were the two prime examples of this. Jim because he was the only genuinely good character in the book who was just trying to escape slavery, and Tom Sawyer because he was an idiot who actually made me SO ANGRY in the final chapters. The themes explored in the book were also executed very well because there were many clear and distinguishable examples. Even though Twain wasn’t exactly a “feminist”, I could still appreciate how he used the theme of women to include strong female characters in the story and showed them as being intelligent and clever. This novel was different because it was written to make a statement, and to “call out” societal issues of the time period. Some could argue that the issues presented in this book like equality and morality are still problems in today’s culture so it’s still very relevant. The most important thing I took away from the book is that no matter who they are, true friendship will make you risk your own self and morals in order to help them when needed. A true friend is also someone who shows you how to look at something a little differently and brings out the best in you.

Part 2: For my group project we’re doing a mockumentary style video (possibly based on The Office) because all three of us are fans of the TV show, and think it would be different. We expect to rock the classes socks off.

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