Blog 20

  • “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” was a very entertaining read. Mark Twain is a very respectable author because he trolled high society during a time when that was frowned upon, rather than supporting it or keeping his thoughts to himself. I also liked the fact that the whole story was written in the colloquial style of the area it was set in because it made it more amusing and helped me get into the story.
  • I really enjoyed how the third quarter AR was handled because it allowed me the opportunity to be creative and have fun with AR (which rarely happens). Plus I got to include my lil’ peanut Nakita. Another nice thing was that I only had to read one book this quarter, so I was able to find the time to actually finish it. Lastly being able to start my book in class helped motivate actually start it rather than pushing it off until the very last second, so overall, this was definitely a better way to do AR.

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