Blog 20

What is your experience with satire and humor? I’ve had a lot of experience with satire and humor because a lot of the TV shows I watch on the daily are ones that are always filled with satirical messages. (ex: The Office, Portlandia, Bob’s Burgers) 

What kind of humor do you enjoy the most (google humor types if needed)? Provide an example (explained or Youtube clip) of “your” type of humor.

– crude humor because it really butters my egg roll.
– What do you know about Mark Twain and his style of writing? Look up a little information about him and post something you find interesting.

I know that he was a pretty weird guy who wrote exactly what the though with no filter. 

Mark Twain was obsessed with cats. 

Blog 19

Before we started watching “Vertigo”, I was super worried that it was gonna be this long, boring, low-key racist, black and white film, but I was proved wrong because it’s actually been very enjoyable. I can see how it’s the number six ranked best film of all time because the storyline isn’t garbage and there are weird twists that the viewer sometimes doesn’t always see coming. My favorite scene so far was definitely when Midge made the painting for Scottie, of her face “photoshopped” onto the body of Carlotta Valdez. That part was hilarious, especially when Midge was so shook that Scottie hated it and started hysterically sobbing. Another thing that I thought was really funny, but wasn’t meant to be funny, was when Scottie was following Madeliene and she never noticed that he was tailing her for two days. Even when they were the only two cars on the road for most of the time, and he parked right behind her at the bridge. Although this film has been good, one thing that I don’t like is how the women in this film are portrayed. Madeliene seems like the damsel in distress, and is weirdly falling in love with Scottie even though they’ve only known each other for two days, and her love interest is actually a creepy stalker who’s become obsessed with her. Midge also seems to be chasing after Scottie even though he’s clearly friend zoned her and is chasing after the heart of another woman. Midge and Madeleine haven’t been shown as powerful independent women, so that’s my biggest critique. My big predictions are that Madeliene and Scottie are both gonna end up dying, probably from falling off a building because Scottie is afraid of heights, or Scottie might kill Madeline by pushing her off a building because he’s obsessed with her and normally that kind of thing happens.

Blog 18

This poem was mediocre at best. Even though I’m no poet, neither is he. “Song of Myself” is basic and just repeats the same concepts over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Just kidding, that was mean. “Song of Myself” really wasn’t that bad. Although I didn’t really know what he was talking about at first, after the class analysis it was a lot easier to enjoy and appreciate the poem. It was also very cool how he used aspects of nature as a metaphor for things such as himself, society, and life. The most interesting stanza was Canto 51 because not only does Walt contradict himself, but another speaker is introduced (the voice of God). Walt also questions why he has only been a talker rather than a doer, which can relate to many people in today’s society, including me.

Specific elements that represent society today include:

  • The terms “talkers”, “trippers”, and “askers”  (examples of people in society).
  • “this grass is very dark to be from the white heads of old mothers” (society is young, fresh, and healthy).
  • “urge and urge and urge, always the procreant urge of the world” (basic human instincts; we care to only produce what will benefit us).
  • “showing the best and dividing it from the worst age vexes age” (this statement means that older generations still highly influence youths).
  • “knowing the perfect fitness and equanimity of things, while they discuss, I am silent and go bathe and admire myself” (speaker is self-consumed and vain, like society).
  • Questions: I’ve heard that Wlat Whitman was racist, is this true? If so how could he preach his ideas of transcendentalism and equality? Did Walt Whitman ever become a “better” person to his standards?

After careful considerations, this poem earned a solid seven out of ten.