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Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson’s ideas were very similar in the fact that they all revolved around nature. The main idea of the first portion of the excerpt “Where I Lived and What I Lived For?” and of “The Conclusion?” was that simplicity is key. If I were given the opportunity to go live in the woods all by myself for two years, I would decline the offer. I am a fairly social person and that just seems like it would be super lonely. Just having to talk to myself and only hear my own voice every day would drive me crazy.  The only benefit I could see coming out of that experience would be the fact that I would probably develop a deeper appreciation for nature.

Stuff I would take with me:

  1. my dog
  2. Funyuns (my fav veggie)
  3. solar powered charger and phone
  4. farm
  5. tiny house equipped
  6. leprechaun
  7. pope francis
  8. shoes
  9. internet
  10. wardrobe
  11. Duba
  12. chocolate milk
  13. satellite TV
  14. foam mattress
  15.  soap
  16. eating utensils
  17. a tree (to put in my tiny house)
  18. a camera
  19. eyebrow comb
  20. tweezers
  21. toothbrush
  22. toothpaste
  23. shampoo
  24. conditioner
  25. hair brush
  26. lots of toilet paper
  27. loofah
  28. towels

The modern reader would learn that transcendentalism is cool and intellectual. They would also learn that humans are not the center of the universe and nature is what makes the world what it is.

The end.

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