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Image result for gifLet’s be honest: the majority of students probably wouldn’t read if they didn’t have to. So independent reading forces students to have to read so their grade doesn’t drop a whole letter grade. Now I know, reading is good. It exercises your mind and entertains the reader in a far better way rather than watching a screen, which requires very little thought. I don’t really know any tricks that BHS could use to encourage it’s students to read because I normally just don’t have time to read. Honestly, AR is just a huge inconvenience and is just more added stress. It really doesn’t make me enjoy reading anymore then I already do, and if I find the right book I can read it in one day. So  BHS, just let me read when I want to and can actually be able to tolerate the book that I’ve so carefully looked for and researched.

The book I chose to read is a memoir called “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. I basically just chose it because at one point it was really popular and raved about, and it seemed a lot more interesting than the cheesy teen drama garbage that I was finding a lot of (@BHS library and Mr. Burrell: that wasn’t a dig at you, I was just lazily skimming the titles in the limited time I had to find a book). In the end, I’m guessing the speaker is probably going to find herself spiritually, and have a huge life altering change for the better after she finishes hiking the Oregon Trail. So far the first chapter was a very detailed description of how her mother died from lung cancer so it was extremely depressing, but it sets up the rest of the story and also shows the beginning of her real-life character development. I have no concerns about making a movie trailer because I’m a boss and will rock the socks off of Mr. McGarry.

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