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My first thoughts on transcendentalism were that it seemed very pretentious. That is probably very unintelligent of me to say, but I do not care. I think I felt that way because I was ignorant to the subject at hand. Now transcendentalism really is not that bad,  because after I  reviewed it a little bit more, I came to understand what Emerson was talking about. “Nature” and “Self-Reliance” were both very interesting and intriguing because Emerson was very descriptive and although you had to take a minute to interpret the many metaphors, it wasn’t hard to decipher.

According to transcendentalists, man is naturally good, but in my opinion, it depends on the environment that they grow up and live in. It also depends on the rules of the society that you live in. If society taught children that it’s okay to harm or hurt other people, then the child would grow up believing that idea. This can already be seen in countries that have child soldiers. People will naturally follow the “wrong” and “right” way that they are taught. There are very few exceptions that people break away from the rules and do whatever they want. If there were no rules in society, most people wouldn’t do “evil” things based their own intuition or self- conscience, but there are the psychopaths of the world so there is always that small exception. So I do not have a concrete answer to this question because the question, in my opinion, is a bit more complicated than a “yes” or “no” response. Sorry if my response is confusing though, hopefully, I explained my thoughts the best way possible.

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