Blog 13

My thoughts about understanding an argument haven’t really changed over the course of this unit because the tools I used in my debate I already knew to use in debates from the previous year in Mr. Stett’s class. There was one thing that I did notice immediately after I did my debate though. My dad is the type of person who thinks he knows everything so you can guess that we argue a lot. The thing is that when he argues with me, he always uses a bunch of bogus facts that he supposedly “heard from a reliable source”, but he can never name the so-called “reliable sources”. So just the other night we were debating and I kept pointing out that he could not persuade me because he had no actual statistics from a reliable source, and me telling him that just made him more annoyed and eventually he just dropped it. That was a very satisfactory feeling. That interaction also made me realize that adults ALWAYS think they are right because they are older, which in many situations, is not the case.  I would also like to say that with the amount of pressure Elizabeth Roberts was put under, she did a fantastic job against Mr. McGarry. She did really awesome with everything, especially when answering his questions that may have seemed unanswerable. If that were me, I would have been quaking and probably would have internally gave up after the first question, but she looked completely unfazed by him. My favorite debate to watch was probably Cody Weaver -vs- Iris Barrett. Even though Cody had some fallacies *cough *cough “Canada isn’t real”, they both provided very strong cases and had some very valid points. In the end, the biggest thing I learned from this unit is that debating is an acquired skill. For me, the hardest thing was answering questions on the spot. I can not think quickly on my feet like that. So that’s the end of this blog. Overall, I would say I definitely polished my skills and will be very comfortable the next I have to debate.

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