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Has your opinion about your topic changed over time? Why or why not?

-I’ve become more understanding of why people would be pro uniforms, but I still don’t want to have to follow a uniform dress code because I have many clothes that deserve to be worn.

Logos – What is the most interesting and/or compelling factual piece of information in regards to your debate topic? What makes it interesting to you? Why should it be interesting or compelling to others? Did you know this fact before doing research? What source gave you information or more information about it?

– Uniforms have proven to substantially reduce crime rates. It’s interesting to me because it had proven to reduce the rate by a whopping 91%in Long Beach California after the implemented a mandatory uniform dress code in 1995. This should be compelling to others because it would directly affect their own safety if they had uniforms. I did not know this fact before doing research and the sources I found that talked about it were the official Long Beach state website and

Pathos – What are emotional elements or approaches to your debate topic? Why does your topic activate these emotions in society? Is your debate topic one that is emotionally charged or one which you had to figure out how to activate emotional appeal in the audience? Why?

-emotional: fear and excitement “uniforms would save you time and money”, “You would be able to get more sleep”, “Uniforms increase student safety”.

My topic activates these emotions and is emotionally charged because uniforms would directly affect their well- being and would benefit them in the long run.

Ethos – Ethically, why is the debate about the topic important? In what ways does ethics enter into the debate of your topic? Justice? Fairness? Right vs. Wrong? Legality? What is one ethical argument against your topic? What is one ethical argument in favor of it?

-This topic is ethically important because it allows for students to be appropriately and professionally dressed in public.

-in favor: uniforms allow for everyone to be “appropriately dressed”.

-against: mandatory uniforms break the first amendment (freedom of expression).

Of the three appeals (logic, emotion, ethics), which one do you think is the most important for your topic? Which one is the most commonly used and what is the most common argument both in favor and opposed? What is the most common fallacious argument both in favor and opposed to your topic?

-emotional because all of the arguments that back this topic up would benefit the audience.

-in favor: Uniforms decrease bullying.

-against: uniforms inhibit one’s self-expression.

-fallacious in favor: uniforms prepare students for the workplace.

-fallacious against: Uniforms are ugly.
What have you learned about the process of creating a valid argument since we started our persuasive/argumentative unit of study? How will this affect future arguments you may have?

-I learned that it tasks forever to cite resources but in the end, it makes the argument more credible and persuasive.  In the future, I will now be able to sound more credible.

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