Blog 11

For my debate topic, I chose “pro-school uniforms”. Even though there are a lot of reasons why we should have school uniforms,  I personally do not think we should have uniforms because they are ugly. How am I supposed to look like a whole snack and be comfortable at school if I have to wear a uniform every day? Many schools have a school uniform policy so that they don’t have to use a discriminatory school dress code system and it can also help prevent bullying and violent behaviors. When I searched “school uniforms” on Google, many websites that were very neutral on the topic popped up. It seemed that there was an equal amount of pro and con reasons for uniforms.

Logical: Studies have shown that school uniforms have increased student safety and decreased acts of violence and vandalism.

Ethical: Shoulders, visible skin, and vibrant colors are far too promiscuous so uniforms will definitely kill the baby boners before they are born. (p.s @ Mr. McGarry I know you are disappointed, and I’m sorry but I had no idea how else to state that)

The biggest emotion that I could play with while debating is “fear”. By making the audience fearful of the consequences that could come out of not having a school uniform policy, they will definitely support my position on the topic because safety is many people’s top priority.  Since I’m also trying to sell my topic to an audience of teens, I could use the “school uniforms save you money and time” argument. Kids would get to sleep in longer because they would not have to wake up earlier to choose an outfit. More sleep leaves them feeling more refreshed and ready to take on their day. So that’s it for this blog.

sidenote: there’s no picture because it wouldn’t let me upload one



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