Blog 13

My thoughts about understanding an argument haven’t really changed over the course of this unit because the tools I used in my debate I already knew to use in debates from the previous year in Mr. Stett’s class. There was one thing that I did notice immediately after I did my debate though. My dad is the type of person who thinks he knows everything so you can guess that we argue a lot. The thing is that when he argues with me, he always uses a bunch of bogus facts that he supposedly “heard from a reliable source”, but he can never name the so-called “reliable sources”. So just the other night we were debating and I kept pointing out that he could not persuade me because he had no actual statistics from a reliable source, and me telling him that just made him more annoyed and eventually he just dropped it. That was a very satisfactory feeling. That interaction also made me realize that adults ALWAYS think they are right because they are older, which in many situations, is not the case.  I would also like to say that with the amount of pressure Elizabeth Roberts was put under, she did a fantastic job against Mr. McGarry. She did really awesome with everything, especially when answering his questions that may have seemed unanswerable. If that were me, I would have been quaking and probably would have internally gave up after the first question, but she looked completely unfazed by him. My favorite debate to watch was probably Cody Weaver -vs- Iris Barrett. Even though Cody had some fallacies *cough *cough “Canada isn’t real”, they both provided very strong cases and had some very valid points. In the end, the biggest thing I learned from this unit is that debating is an acquired skill. For me, the hardest thing was answering questions on the spot. I can not think quickly on my feet like that. So that’s the end of this blog. Overall, I would say I definitely polished my skills and will be very comfortable the next I have to debate.

Debate Blog

Has your opinion about your topic changed over time? Why or why not?

-I’ve become more understanding of why people would be pro uniforms, but I still don’t want to have to follow a uniform dress code because I have many clothes that deserve to be worn.

Logos – What is the most interesting and/or compelling factual piece of information in regards to your debate topic? What makes it interesting to you? Why should it be interesting or compelling to others? Did you know this fact before doing research? What source gave you information or more information about it?

– Uniforms have proven to substantially reduce crime rates. It’s interesting to me because it had proven to reduce the rate by a whopping 91%in Long Beach California after the implemented a mandatory uniform dress code in 1995. This should be compelling to others because it would directly affect their own safety if they had uniforms. I did not know this fact before doing research and the sources I found that talked about it were the official Long Beach state website and

Pathos – What are emotional elements or approaches to your debate topic? Why does your topic activate these emotions in society? Is your debate topic one that is emotionally charged or one which you had to figure out how to activate emotional appeal in the audience? Why?

-emotional: fear and excitement “uniforms would save you time and money”, “You would be able to get more sleep”, “Uniforms increase student safety”.

My topic activates these emotions and is emotionally charged because uniforms would directly affect their well- being and would benefit them in the long run.

Ethos – Ethically, why is the debate about the topic important? In what ways does ethics enter into the debate of your topic? Justice? Fairness? Right vs. Wrong? Legality? What is one ethical argument against your topic? What is one ethical argument in favor of it?

-This topic is ethically important because it allows for students to be appropriately and professionally dressed in public.

-in favor: uniforms allow for everyone to be “appropriately dressed”.

-against: mandatory uniforms break the first amendment (freedom of expression).

Of the three appeals (logic, emotion, ethics), which one do you think is the most important for your topic? Which one is the most commonly used and what is the most common argument both in favor and opposed? What is the most common fallacious argument both in favor and opposed to your topic?

-emotional because all of the arguments that back this topic up would benefit the audience.

-in favor: Uniforms decrease bullying.

-against: uniforms inhibit one’s self-expression.

-fallacious in favor: uniforms prepare students for the workplace.

-fallacious against: Uniforms are ugly.
What have you learned about the process of creating a valid argument since we started our persuasive/argumentative unit of study? How will this affect future arguments you may have?

-I learned that it tasks forever to cite resources but in the end, it makes the argument more credible and persuasive.  In the future, I will now be able to sound more credible.

AR BLOG: Modern Romance

If you have any taste in TV shows at all you have probably seen Parks and Recreation. If you have not, please stop reading this blog and go watch all seven seasons right now. If you have then you probably know who Tom Haverford is (short Indian dude with a really high pitched voice and various business entrepreneur). Well Tom’s real name is Aziz Ansari , and besides being a pretty good comedian and actor, he wrote a book called “Modern Romance” which talks about the many factors of dating in today’s world. I’m normally not one for non-fiction factual books but this one was actually really interesting especially since Aziz added his comedic flair. What I also really enjoyed was the fact that there was informal slang used in the book rather then just stuffy facts and and a more “formal” tone.  In the book he dissects topics from dating in the olden days, to online dating, to even cheating in today’s society. The biggest thing that I have learned is that with technology at our fingertips dating has somehow been easier and worse at the same time. Before people would have to rely on meeting their “soulmate” in their neighborhood or through their parents. Now people just have to download an app and can find thousands of singles looking for the same things all around them. Although this is a really awesome thing, many people have now become more superficial and often times make prenotions and jump to conclusions just by looking at someone’s profile. Another crazy thing that I learned is that Japan has the third lowest birthrate in the world, and the reason is that many Japanese people just have no interest in getting involved in a relationship. This has become such a problem that the Japanese government has started PAYING their residents to get together and procreate. But if you think that’s crazy, read the facts and it will somehow get even more mind blowing.

  • “in 2013 a whopping forty-five percent of women ages 16-24 “were not interested in or despised sexual contact”
  • “one-third of Japanese people under thirty had claimed to have never dated”
  • “a report from the Japanese government’s cooperation warned that by 2060 the number of Japanese will have fallen from 127 million to about 87 million, of whom almost forty percent will be sixty-five or older”
  • “about sixty percent of male singles in their twenties to thirties identify as a “herbivore man”. (herbivore man= Japanese slang for a man who does not want to get married or find a companion)
    • All of the facts listed above were either from Aziz’s own research while in Japan or statistics published by the Japanese government.

Arguably, the best and funniest part of “Modern Romance” are the real life examples. In order to research for this book thousands of people from different cities and countries were interviewed, and only a few of the hilarious responses were put in. The idiots of the internet really got to shine, and it was almost… inspiring. Some of the men in the examples really showed me how dumb the male population can be, but also how persistent some are. One guy sent the word “Hey” eight times in a four month period with no response. You have to admit, that’s dedication. So overall “Modern Romance” was a really great factual read that never struck me as being boring or dry. In fact it was the clearly the complete opposite. Ten out of ten, highly recommend.


Blog 11

For my debate topic, I chose “pro-school uniforms”. Even though there are a lot of reasons why we should have school uniforms,  I personally do not think we should have uniforms because they are ugly. How am I supposed to look like a whole snack and be comfortable at school if I have to wear a uniform every day? Many schools have a school uniform policy so that they don’t have to use a discriminatory school dress code system and it can also help prevent bullying and violent behaviors. When I searched “school uniforms” on Google, many websites that were very neutral on the topic popped up. It seemed that there was an equal amount of pro and con reasons for uniforms.

Logical: Studies have shown that school uniforms have increased student safety and decreased acts of violence and vandalism.

Ethical: Shoulders, visible skin, and vibrant colors are far too promiscuous so uniforms will definitely kill the baby boners before they are born. (p.s @ Mr. McGarry I know you are disappointed, and I’m sorry but I had no idea how else to state that)

The biggest emotion that I could play with while debating is “fear”. By making the audience fearful of the consequences that could come out of not having a school uniform policy, they will definitely support my position on the topic because safety is many people’s top priority.  Since I’m also trying to sell my topic to an audience of teens, I could use the “school uniforms save you money and time” argument. Kids would get to sleep in longer because they would not have to wake up earlier to choose an outfit. More sleep leaves them feeling more refreshed and ready to take on their day. So that’s it for this blog.

sidenote: there’s no picture because it wouldn’t let me upload one