Blog 9

Benji Frank’s 13 virtues really opened my eyes over this past couple of days. I realized that I’m not a complete garbage person, but more of a mediocre person after all. Day-to-day I normally only break 2 or 3 rules on a regular basis. Also, trying to follow the virtues actually helped me be more successful. An example being the use of the rule “industry”. Instead of wasting my time laying in bed, I started studying for my PreCalc quiz two days early, and I think I did very well on it. On Thursday at track practice, we were outside and it was probably 30 degrees with a wind chill. My dumb ass teammate Connor Yost (yes, Ryan Yost’s little brother), decided to wear a thin Under Armour t-shirt and shorts and didn’t pack any other clothes. So I pulled a “Sincerity” card and let him use my sweatshirt. By being sincere I’m guessing I gained a little respect which is pretty hard to do being that I’m a fairly small, obnoxious, and skill-less person.

The rules that I did end up breaking were “temperance”, “tranquility”, and one of my group’s made up ones “tea”. I broke temperance every day, but again, I’m a smaller person who runs over 2 miles pretty much every other day and is also trying to get those gains so I have my reasons for overeating. One of the flaws of my personality is also that I am EXTREMELY impatient, so that certainly did not help me be more “tranquil”. I cannot STAND when people walk at a snail’s pace in the hallways, and then sometimes stop right in front of me, and just stand there.  And don’t even get me started on couples in high school. Y’all act like you haven’t seen each other for over a year when it’s only been like one period. Also, PDA just disturbs me. I know that probably makes me seem like a very bitter person because I’m trashing other people’s happiness and all, but I know I’m not the only one so it’s fine. The last rule I broke was “tea”, but that was only one time because someone asked me about someone else’s business. So in my book, I was pretty successful with the 15 virtues.





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