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After gaining experience from writing the two assigned poems in class, I give mad respect to poets. It was pretty hard coming up with topics, so that made me come to the conclusion that “everyday poets” must be pretty emotional people. Before this year I would say school has made me strongly dislike poetry, but this year, to my surprise, it wasn’t that bad. One thing that I didn’t like before was how teachers *cough *cough Mrs. Zimmer would make us read the poem over and over and over again and overanalyze it. Obviously, that would make me hate the poem and get sick of it.  Poetry is also meant to be open for your own interpretation of it, so I don’t like how some teachers are like “there is only ONE correct theme/ meaning”. Like, no dude, there could be more than one correct answer you aren’t the poet who wrote this poem. Whether I like or don’t like poetry pretty much depends on the day. Somedays I don’t mind reading it, and other days I’m just like “f this”. That’s mostly because some poems are like a puzzle, and you have to take the time to decipher them. I am the type of person that has very little patience to deal with stuff like that on a certain day.

Before I started writing I thought I would be able to utilize free verse, but my dreams were quickly diminished once I read the directions. Since I didn’t have a reason to write in free verse that meant I was forced to write my poem in stanzaic form. At first, it was pretty hard, but once I got into the rhythm of things my poem only took a few minutes to write. What I took from the poetry unit is that, yes, we can all be poets, but obviously most of it is gonna be terrible.

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