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When my mom planned a beach trip to Ocean City Maryland back in August, little did she know a small storm called hurricane Maria was going to be occurring at the same time, but one of the first obstacles my family faced was our car air conditioner breaking. We were about 40 minutes into the trip when suddenly the cool air stopped coming and instead hot air began filtering into the car. The rest of the trip was spent with the windows down, and four hours of wind blowing my hair into my face all while trying to read my AR book. Luckily, the car ride actually went by quickly so it felt like we were at the beach in no time.

Although the effects of the hurricane on the east coast were not catastrophic, it was still cloudy, rainy, and super windy. Arguably though, the worst result of the storm was the humidity. As someone who has dealt with curly hair for the past sixteen years, I have NEVER seen my hair act the way it did on this trip. Yeah, it gets super curly when it’s wet, but I’m pretty sure the thickness and mass of my hair actually grew just for this trip. One of the days the humidity was at one hundred percent and all hell broke loose. Damp? check. Tangly? check. Frizzy? check. All applied, so that was pretty annoying to deal with. My mom was also very paranoid that my brother and I would get swept away by the waves just from standing on the beach so we didn’t swim in the ocean which was pretty reasonable. In the end, the trip was surprisingly relaxing and I went home with a seafood “food baby” which was also very satisfying. My hair even returned to its natural state of “moderately curly” as soon as I got home which made my food baby and I very happy.


On Friday (the day after we returned from vacation) I went on a kayaking trip with the outdoors club and that was a really fun experience.  Not only did I develop washboard abs from kayaking, but I also witnessed Cody Weaver and Ryan joust while in their kayaks, which I didn’t even know was possible.  I also learned that teachers can actually be fun outside of school, because it turns out that Mr. Yates (outdoors club supervisor person) is actually pretty cool.  So that was my fair week.

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