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Browse the titles and try and figure out what all the movies listed have in common: Sharknado, Mega Shark -vs- Giant Octopus,  Jersey Shore: Shark Attack.  What do you think? The answer is they’re all terrible. JAWS, on the other hand, is a killer shark movie that is actually pretty good and I can guarantee won’t be a huge waste of your time. The theme of this story is “don’t underestimate someone or something’s abilities”. The setting of a small beach community and characters with very limited knowledge of the dangers that can be found in nature add to the theme in a very big way. The point of view, and diction the characters use, also play a big role in supporting the theme.

The setting of JAWS is a place called Amity Island, which is a small/ tight- knit beach community that only sees tourists once a year. Many of the locals living in Amity Island have a very headstrong attitude about the attacks and don’t take into account how dangerous the shark actually is. The protagonist, Chief Brody, also supports the theme. In the beginning of the film Chief Brody is the “new guy” in town and many of the locals don’t take his authority seriously yet. Although he wouldn’t have been able to defeat the shark if it hadn’t been for Quint and Hooper’s help, Quint ended up being killed in the end and Brody killed the shark with his own wit. Many of the characters also speak in “fisherman slang” and have accents so this adds to the location of the setting. Although most of the film is seen through a third person perspective, there are some shots from the shark’s point of view. This adds to the suspense and creates tension for the viewer. In the third person perspective, the movie also shows some of the gruseome attacks , and the damage the shark is actually capable of doing.

The theme of JAWS is, “don’t underestimate someone or something’s abilitites”. This is supported very well by setting, characters, p.o.v, and diction.  So next time you’re at home and can’t decide what to watch, JAWS is  a great choice and won’t dissapoint.

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