My First Week of Junior Year

This first week of school was pretty mediocre to be honest. So far the biggest obstacle I’m going to have to deal with this year is pre- calculus, but that is all I can tell so far. Other then that I enjoy all my classes and am ready for the cross country season to start. While listening to my peers speaking about themselves in class the other day, I was quite surprised to hear that Elizabeth Roberts owns an aggressive llama who enjoys spitting on people. I also had NO idea that Cody Weaver’s favorite band is Tenacious D, and his favorite movie is “Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny”. (If you could not tell that was sarcasm.)

My favorite story ever written is the episode of The Office called, “Safety Training” in season 3. ¬†After being undermined by the warehouse workers, Michael Scott, the regional manager, tries to highlight the many dangers of working in a modern day office. One of these dangers includes “seasonal depression”, so Michael orchestrates an elaborate plan to show the office and warehouse workers why they should take this so seriously. He plans to pretend to be depressed and jump off the building onto a trampoline below. In his first test, he throws a large watermelon onto the trampoline, but it bounces off and lands on one of the employee’s cars and breaks the windshield. Seeing that this clearly will not work, he rents a bounce house to use instead of the trampoline. The tests are going terribly but he still decides to go through with the plan. In the end, one of the warehouse workers who originally taunted Michael (causing him to start this whole episode) convinces him to come down from the building by telling him that he has a comfortable life worth living surrounded by people who care about him.