Civil Disobedience

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I think the idea of the quote “that government is best which governs least?”,  goes along with the idea of Transcendentalism. I think the main point or message Thoreau is trying to make with this line in particular is the people in society are so great and independent that they could depend and rely on each other in order to handle and control the country on their own. This might have been true back then in thoreau’s time when gun control wasn’t a problem, nor murder, and nearly as much crime in as their is in today’s society. If we didn’t have a government today I believe life as we know it would be completely demolished. Believe it or not I am a independent, contrary to the fact that a lot people say I am a hard core liberal, which is not necessarily true. But more often than not my liberal side comes out and starts a fight when the government is gets involved. Just hear me out, our government isn’t that great or even that good, but the government keeps the United States in check. The government has done a lot of bad throughout history, but they have also done a lot of good. The government ended slavery, some people in the gov’ are in the process of ending women’s suffrage, and most importantly they give us our rights. Without the government anything could be possible, and this is not to be interpreted in a good way. Besides the technology, I think things would most likely drift back to the 1800’s and 1900’s where equality was never a thing. When it is a thing but only for wealthy white men, but even then it degrades and dissolves the whole meaning and purpose of equality. What kind of government commands my respect? The kind that believes in equality and peace, not just say there are going to be major changes but a government that works there asses off to stop violence and brutality and pushes for world peace. A government that is willing to talk and convince stores to stop selling weapons, working to reassure teachers, parents, and students that they are safe when they enter a school, because no student should have to worry about safety while they are trying to get an education.


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What connections can you make between Thoreau’s thoughts and Emerson’s?

They are both intelligent, strong writers. For some reason they both can’t speak like a normal person. I’m just pulling your leg, I just don’t apply myself as much as I should in school given I hate it and almost everyone in it. Anyways as you know, I don’t understand much of their writing. However I do understand that they are very much alike in multiple ways. Like their speeches, the way they view things in general. What is the main idea of the first portion of the excerpt “Where I Lived and What I Lived For?” What is the main point of “The Conclusion?What would be the benefits of Thoreau’s leaving behind society to live in the woods experiment? What would you miss? Could you do it? To find yourself, I didn’t know what I what to do after high school. I think some nice time alone would be good for me to think about me and what I want in life without falling to the pressure of society. I know I have felt the pressure, I know my fellow peers have felt the pressure. As soon as we are in high school we are expected to know what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Not only will I be able to find myself, I will be able to relax. I consider myself a semi peaceful person, I don’t like to stress over the little things. Often I will take time out of my day to relax and have some me time. However lately I haven’t had this luxury, I have been extremely tense, which effects me and everyone surrounding me. I also consider myself one with nature so I would love to go away in the woods by myself for a while. What should a modern reader take out of anything we’ve read in regards to Transcendentalism? Why? Transcendentalism is a very formal word that describes a very simple idea. It is god’s word and spirit that pushes and inspires everyday life for Transcendentalist.

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The more you read, the easier and better it gets. Reseach studies in past years, like really really really really really in the past, have shown reading improves activity in your brain I guess. The possibities of independent reading improving brain activity range from changing the way you speak, the way you read whether it is just a slight change, or my amazing writing skills ( note the sarcasm ). Independent reading really isn’t as bad as some students say. Throughout high school I constantly hear, and I’m sure you do to, students complaining about independent reading. Whether it is picking out a book, reading it, writing it or taking the test, somehow students find the whole process of independent reading challenging, which is beyond me why for I think independent reading is an easy 30 points. As a student, I must say that one of the only cons about AR reading I actually have a problem with is taking the test on my book. This is why I think completing a blog rather than taking the test is a great alternative. Doing more with interesting books in class, like activities that students enjoy. I get that reading old literature is important now in schools, but it is also important that students read something they care about. Something that grabs attentions of the students therefore make them want to read without having to push or shove them. I think getting students more involved in class readings and discussions in which we actually look foward to could be a major solution for helping students. If student learned that fun and reading go together, some would read more often than not. Little side note: students typically end up doing more work in classes that they have fun in and feel like they can let loose. I wanted to choose the third book in The Mafia and His Angel series for my next independent reading book, but since we have to choose a book from the library I was forced to choose a different AR book. For now anyways! Anyhow I chose Jurassic Park for my next AR book.

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Personally I believe that all people are born good. No one comes out of the their mothers woom being evil. Babies minds are very innocent and delicate when being properly taken care of and when spoken to. It’s the way that children these days are brought up and what they are being taught as a child. I’ve taken many, many psychology classes and throughout those classes we’ve learned that children watch their parents and other people surrounding them and they take that information and they absorb it like sponges. If everyone in the world was pure and innocent in obeyed by the rules and laws that we have set today there would be no need for jails and policeman and eventually we wouldn’t need laws anymore or Republicans LOL. The  reason those laws have them put in place there is because of all those children who went through a tragic and heartbreaking childhood, statistically speaking these children are most likely to end up breaking a law or multiples ones. These laws were put in place because of those people who went through so much that they are now scarred for life and they take that out on other people, places, or things. Everyone knows that the main reason for laws to keep criminals from breaking the law but what the law doesn’t do is help these people over come their issues. You know what America should do, we should just start over, start over with no laws. Laws don’t help anything, they don’t take criminals out of the world they just make repercussions that most criminalsend up breaking anyways. I truly and honestly do not think we need laws and need the help of society to keep people from doing bad things. Like I said earlier it is either one of the two. A bad childhood or just something that scars them to make them evil. I don’t believe that you should just throw evil people in jail, I believe that they need to be sat down and they need help instead of just throwing them in jail. that’s what the law does and I am completely against the law when it comes to evil and punishment in ‘merica. Quick note: while  we’re on the topic of evil, why in the mother of all gooses do we have do we have to post a picture relating to our blogs. Lately I’ve been having a ton fun with a blogs, isn’t that what you wanted? For students to have fun writing. You took that little sliver of joy away that I had left for American Lit.from me. I mean seriously you ripped that opportunity out of my hands long before I could even get to Chewbacca or Obi-Wan, what the 4311 McGarry.

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“One day… robots will take over…” – Megan Troup

And here Thou was thinking that this year’s English major would be completely useless. I’m only joking, because trust me I don’t need another lecture about how these high school classes will help students later in life. Although we do get that talk at least once a year, thought so far this year no teacher has given us the “Career breaking speech”, so you better get on it while the gettings still good. No I’m gust messing around, I’ve learned a lot this year, at least more than last year’s class English class with Mosers or the year before. I’ve learned not to admit defeat, I also learned to not tell your opponent that your side is wrong. This is something I have always done in my arguments, regardless of what it was. This year in literature I learned that the whole part of a debate is to prove your side right, by admitting that your side is wrong your helping your opponent win. Just by saying your side is wrong means you lost the point of an argument. I never knew how much questions help an argument, my questions were terrible in the debate but at least I got my opponent to admit that cyber school was the best option which was my point. I tried my best make questions at my opponent just couldn’t answer, obviously I now know that I’m not great at that. Debating is a lot harder than I initially thought, not only do you have to look at the pros, the good side, but you also have to look at all the cons, of the bad side. You have to come up with a comeback for every single con. However by looking at both the positives and negatives you can say your speech and respond to your debate opponents questions with a strong and confident answer. I did my research and when my opponent asked me negative I replied with a semi good answer because I looked up all the negatives of cyber school and came up with replies before the debate. = . I feel like when I listen or watch to adults conversations they’re not as intelligent and high-level as people think they would be. At least half of the arguments I’ve seen online are more on the cringy side than anything else. Having to listening to another couple have a debate can be very painful sometimes, though more often than not, especially in my family. Hearing a 46 year-old man say “what do you know you’re only 16”  is one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever been through. What age has to do with a conversation or debate is truely beyond me. Honestly it’s just a easy way of changing the subject or blaming someone intelligent on irrelevant facts. Now my mother on the other hand, she is a very, very intelligent person. Having a conversation with her it’s extremely frustrating because she will always ask me questions that I can not answer, though that is point of a debate so I will give her credit for that.

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My feeling for American Lit… and all the other classes.

My stance on my topic ( Cyber school vs. Public School ) hasn’t changed. Some may disagree, but personally I think cyber schools can provide a better education than public schools can for students. I like public school, but feel like I don’t receive a great education. Theres not much to know cyber or public school, not anything interesting anyways. When researching about cyber school, very few things stuck out to me. This is the reason I picked out the most common and obvious points to debate about… blah, blah, blah. However one of the cons of cyber school, that even my opponent brought up, was how some say cyber school students don’t get as much social interaction as public school students do. Honestly I believe there are very few negatives about cyber school, but this reason that some would is a negative is truely laughable and completely idiotic. A quote from my debate states, “One of which is how people say students who attend a cyber school don’t get as much social Interaction as a typical public school student would. This logic isn’t necessary always true. Some say in traditional public schools, students have access to peers before school, between classes in the hallways and after school. Though people think cyber school students typically don’t get as much social interaction in the regular class setup, most instructors encourage online discussions or group chats. Additionally, some cyber school programs provide students with field trip experiences where they can meet other online students. Not all cyber school students attend these field trip because it would be defeating the purpose of getting away from other students. Therefore some cyber students like less social Interaction seeing as they left the traditional school setting because of social anxieties or bullying.”

Appeal to emotion and appeal to pity were basically used as a weapon in my debate. Why? Emotion and pity are the most important appeals when it comes to an argument. Why you ask again? Not that I have much experiance with debates or at least wining them, but it is quite obvious that in order to sway an audience, they havve to feel something, maybe a connection or maybe just pity. So I would diffinally agree that I did indeed appeal to emotion and pity a lot in my debate, like a fuck-ton of times. All I had to do was bring up bullying, and the horrors of public school.


The Mafia and His Angel: Part 2

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The infamous book series The Mafia and His Angel is not as bad as it sounds. You know the quote, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Well that quote is perfect for this book, and despite how much McGarry makes fun of me for reading this book series, it will not sway my liking or overall opinion of the book. In order to get through all three books, you need to have thick skin, unless you are like me and end up crying through the whole book.

The second book is not completely terrible, but the first book was tremendously better then the second book. The first book was simple and the theme was strong and clear. The second book is a combination that mostly consist of horror, romance, and a smidge of comety. This book is pretty good if you don’t mind all the gore within the story and all the flaws that continuously pop up throughout the series. The Mafia and His Angel is not my favorite book for many reasons. One of the few reasons that I’m not a huge fan of this book is because of how unrealistic it can be at times. An example, everyone (literally everyone) in this book falls in love at one point or another. Sometimes there are so many “relationships” going on I can’t keep up with what is currently happening in the book. Don’t get me wrong I like those dumb tacky love stories as much as the next girl (or guy), but trying to keep track of all the names, especially new or rising characters, and who each character is with actually gave me a headache. Someone told me you don’t actually read our blogs, but instead you just look at the date and the number of words we have. So if you have actually read my blog or at least this part of it, let me know because I’m interested to see I should actually have to try on my blogs. So if you have read this and let me know I will buy you any candy bar of you’re choice. PS is overworked and worked up the same thing?Another reason why I semi dislike the second book is because of all the heartache that happens throughout the story. In the book there is at least three heartbreaking miscarriages, and loses of loved spouses. On top of all that, one of the men in charge is a brutal rapist and murder. The most disturbing thing about this book series and the mafia in general, is how woman get treated and tossed aside as if they are nothing but trash. One of the mafia men in the book is scum and deserves to be treated as such. His name is Alberto, and he is ruthless. He is engaged to a woman he beats and rapes on a daily basis, not to mention all the other woman he has abused. Alberto runs a prostitution ring, and many other brothels. Alberto’s actions throughout the book made me sick to my stomach. Ayla’s father is definitely another reason it is so hard to read this book series. He watched Alberto beat and threatened is daughter on a daily basis, and didn’t say a word. Eventually they both die in the end, yay.The author uses such descriptive words that make you feel like you are watching a movie while reading. You would think this is a good thing right? Well no, it actually makes the book harder to read. Like I said above some of the women in this book were raped, making some of the readers like me struggle to get throught those scences. 

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My topic is Cyber vs Public school, I will be debating the fact that cyber school is just as good as public if not better. Sometimes cyber schools are the only opinion because of military families, bullying, and learning disabilities. One of the positives are homeschooled kid can easily make the transition to cyber school. Some parents would like to homeschool their children, but they are not teachers, aren’t sure where to start or how to do it, or aren’t terribly structured or organized themselves. Doing a cyber program might help these parents to homeschool more easily. Students can learn in their own time, around work, activities, appointments, or other responsibilities. Cyberschool may be the best or only option in these instances – but then again, most students don’t end up staying in cyber school because of the low graduation rate. For students, learning to balance school, activities, family, and a social life is a critical life skill, and allowing your child to go through a traditional school environment can perhaps give him or her a false sense of what things are going to be like as an adult. Many adults, most of whom attended a regular school program, tend to struggle with work/life balance, so getting more practice with this while growing up can be very important. If it’s necessary for your whole family to move around this often, cyberschool may be your only option at having some continuity in your child’s education. If a child has a learning disability, the cyber school they are taking classes at are required to offer extra help and support to help him or her to succeed. Avoiding this, or giving up too easily sets your child up not to be challenged, which is a mistake in terms of helping your child to get the best education possible. Having your child work at home through a cyber program may also make things more difficult, taking away necessary structure and opportunities for assistance.


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Equality has always been a important issue. It still is today in nearly all parts of the world. The minority group have been fighting for equality since the beginning of time. Whether it is the right to walk out in public without a man, the right to vote, or equal pay.

Hope Solo, Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and Becky Sauerbrunn starting players on the USWNT (united states womans national team) claimed that they were paid nearly four times less than players on the U.S. men’s national team. Over the long term, the men’s game brings in consistently higher game revenue year over year. Sponsorships and television revenue like Nike, Fox Sports and ESPN are not included in the game revenue calculations. But in 2015, the U.S. women’s team won the World Cup and then embarked on a scheduled 10-city victory tour that yielded an eight-figure bump to U.S. Soccer’s bottom line. As a result, the women brought in more than $23 million in game revenue, about $16 million more than the federation had projected. After expenses, the women turned a profit of $6.6 million last year. And the men, their profit was just under $2 million. U.S. Soccer’s 2017 budget predicts that trend will be repeated: Expecting another Olympic gold medal, and another victory tour, the federation has forecast a profit of more than $5 million for the women’s team in the next year. 

“A lot of different things go into the compensation for the women’s players,” Sunil Gulati, U.S. Soccer’s president said last month, citing revenue and performance as the most prominent examples. U.S. Soccer Federation says USWNT earns only 2.2 percent less than men. “We want to compensate them fairly.” Gulati also said that television ratings were another factor; while the U.S. women’s team broke viewing records during the Women’s World Cup, ratings for men’s games have been more than double those for women’s games, on average, since 2012, according to Nielsen calculations. Excluding World Cup games, the men’s team’s ratings are almost four times as high. The U.S. men’s team received $9 million when the men’s team advanced to the second round of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but the U.S. women’s team only received about $2 million when they won the 2015 World Cup in Canada. That is because FIFA pays far more to participants in the men’s World Cup. Players on the men’s national team are paid by U.S. Soccer only when they are called into camp and appear in games




Virtues Experiment

The Benjamin Franklin Virtues Experiment was a lot harder than first expected. Within one class period, me and the two other girls in my group alone broke at least one virtue. Most of them were easy to live by, like temperance, cleanliness, justice, just about all of them. The first virtue I broke along with my group was Virtue number 2 – Silence. One of our daily conversations in literature eventually lend to who were the queen bees of the school and why we hate them. I consider myself a semi-nice person, at least nicer than most of the girls in this school, but occasionally I snap when someone screws me over or talks behind my back. I don’t know why some of “my friends” talk bad about me when all I’ve ever done was back them up and support them. It is usually a bitchy high maintenance senior who thinks they are going somewhere in life by using chastity. Some people may call me salty, but thats because I am surrounded by people I can’t stand for hours on a daily basis.

In my opinion chastity was the hardest virtue to violate because I would never sleep with someone who wasn’t my boyfriend, and I don’t have one nor do I need one. Frankly I don’t trust men at all, never have and probably never will. I personally didn’t violate chastity, but today it is such a normal thing in our society, it is impossible to ignore. At least once a week the topic comes up in a conversation between my friends and I or someone around me is talking about it. It really frustrates me when someone starts bragging about it, and it has always a guy. For example, this guy in my class has a girlfriend that he only uses for sex. Everyone in the 11th grade knows this, literally everyone. Almost everyday he talks about how annoying she is, and the worst part is her “friends” listen to him and don’t say anything to her. I feel bad for her, even if she knows whats going on, she is stuck in a unrequited relationship.

If this assignment had been over a longer time period like a month instead of a week, I would have for sure broke more just one of Franklin’s virtues.