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I never liked poetry, everyone around me knows this. Although throughout the years I have read a few good poems, maybe my teachers just have had bad taste in poetry or maybe it was just my hatred for it. Maybe I would like poetry more if I understood the poems that are given to me. Reading poetry has always been hell for me, however writing poetry was just fucking awful. I tried, I honestly tried, but to this day I still can’t read poetry. Even when I write about something I hate I can’t fit anything together. The only poetry I can seem to write is at a fifth-grade level. I don’t understand free verse, I never understood it. I don’t understand what the rules are. Isn’t it just a short story with short lines. I guess that’s what I don’t understand most about poetry, if I have to put my thoughts down on paper why can’t it be a short story instead of poetry. Although the one thing I understand better now is rhythm. My point of view on poetry after reading a poem stayed the same. I can’t just stop words on a paper, it takes me a long time to process everything. A poem should it be just random words in a stanza form. I have to write something that means something to me. Then I have to go back and change certain words to rhyme. After that I have to rearrange my sentences in order to find identical rhythm. Then after I put myself through all that, I delete it and start over again.

The Mafia and His Angel


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The book The Mafia and His Angel isn’t as cheesy as it sounds. You know the quote, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Well that quote is perfect for this book. Stop reading this blog for a second and think to yourself what you initially thought about this book, seriously do it. Good, now discard all of those thoughts and clear your mind.

To be honest, I’m not and probably never will be interested in romance books, or movies. Sure there are a few, like The Notebook, Titanic, and Dirty Dancing (my favorite). If you are looking for a nice, cuddly book to sit down and read while sipping on a latte to, do not read this book. The author, Lylah James, did not spare anyones feelings when she was writing this book. Some of things in this book are extremely messed up. Like the language they use, when they are fighting, and there is also some torture mixed in there as well. The men and woman in this story are brutal and cruel, as well as their actions. The thing I hate the most about this book is the language they use. I understand swearing because almost everyone does it, including me. It is just the way they use the words, some of the words they use are very affencive against woman. The men in this book are constantly disrespecting and putting woman down. One of the things I like about this book is that there are real life situations and Lylah kept the gore and gruesome details to a minimum. This is a mafia book, so obviously there is going to be some torture and killing involved. I like that the author creates a really strong image in my head by using really descriptive words.

Alessio, the leader of the mafia. He is not my least favorite character but he is one of them because he is always so aggressive and irritable. Alessio is one of those people who get handed everything, the only reason he is in charge is because of his father.One of the worst things when I’m reading a book is when a man or woman are mistreating other. Don’t get me wrong, I like villains as much as any other person but I don’t like when characters verbal abuse each other. All throughout the story Alessio is very hypocritical and he goes back on his word a lot. Ayla is one of my favorite characters because she has been through a lot but is still strong, stronger than most of the characters. She has such big heart, the thing I like about her the most would have to be that she doesn’t let the men or woman surrounding her push her around. My overall favorite character would have to be Victor, one of the strongest men in the mafia. The main purpose of his character is to make the reader laugh in and after very tense scenes. Alberto is a character that almost everyone hates. Him and Ayla were in a arrange marriage set up by her father, and Alberto was very abusive. Alberto is the antagonist. He is my least favorite character because he is constantly wronging people, even his friends. Throughout the whole story he kept dening what he did in the past and said he wasn’t sorry for any of the things he did. It wasn’t until the very end that he admitted what he did to Ayla, but even then he wasn’t sorry. Ayla’s father is definitely the second worst character in the book. He watched Alberto beat and threatened is daughter on a daily basis, and didn’t say a word. Eventually they both die in the end, yay.

I chose “Found true love. Married someone else” by Dave Egger for many reasons. I felt if I chose a topic that could go in many different directions than I would be able to create a better short story. I also wanted to make sure that if I get stuck or I feel like I have nothing else to write that I could easily change my short story concept. My original concept was about two people who fall in love in the wrong place at the wrong time. They both lived on a plantation, so they got married and lived happily ever after, just kidding. It involves a white woman and a black man who, of coarse, will never end up together because of racism. Her parents are plantation owners and white so they obviously didn’t approve, not that she could tell them because he would have been tortured and killed. But then I realized that my concept needed a lot of work. I didn’t want to write about some sappy love story because I don’t even know how to and that just sounds awful. However it is still about love, but I changed it, now in the story she is supposed to be marrying another man. Though she doesn’t really love this man, hence the quote above. The sole reason for her to marry this man is to help support their families struggling Plantation because of the war that had just broke out and soon following the abolishment of slavery. Then on top of everything, all white people in the South are trying to bring back slaves, including his and her parents. The idea came to me naturally because all of the racism that is still happening in the world today. As I am writing everything down to make my short story diagram I have to keep changing everything in order for every particular event to work in the story. Sometimes a character has to have a certain traits or action to go along with a scene. Most of the time I have to keep changing the setting and the plot just to make sure that it fits all together. Based on the events in the story, I always make sure the characters revolve around them. Then based on what’s happening in the story and how the characters act, I add in the background.

BPP Stops Bullying (Brother Protection Program)

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This year during fair I was extremely busy with two jobs, so I only got to walk around for one day and a few late nights. I don’t like anyone in my family except my brother, so he is always the one who picks me up and drops me off at work. After work we usually walk around the fair, and you know hes my big brother so he buys me everything I want, food, stuffed animals, and we go on a few rides together (the last one takes a lot of begging). This year has been exactly the same except one thing, I was being bullied. All throughout the school year this guy kept bothering me. I tried ignoring his Petty name-calling and his friends who would laugh at me and talk behind my back. Honestly it really didn’t bother me that much because I have thick skin and I have been raised not to care what people think of me or others. I would normally just walk away or keep my mouth shut so I didn’t do anything I later regretted. But then fair came around and he started to harass me there. He would walk behind me and yell things at me with his friends. When my brother was around he would still walk behind me but he was dead silent. One night in particular, I had just got off work and I was standing outside the stand I was working at. My brother was running late, so of coarse I was alone waiting for him. While I was waiting, my brothers friend Billy came over to me with the guy who had been bullying me. The guy who had been bullying me was a football player so he had lots of friends including my brother. Nothing happened at the time, and the bully left before my brother got there. This time I had enough. When my brother finally got there, I told him about it. I expected him to freak out, but he didn’t. He just stared at me for a while, then took me home. A few days later, the guy who bullied me wouldn’t even look my way, let alone pick on me. I didn’t know why nor did I really care, but later on I found out that my brother had a “talk” with the guy. I think it is safe to say that having a big brother has its perks.

The Zookeeper’s Wife

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“People always want to run when they don’t know what’s coming. It’s their first instinct, always to run”- Antonina Zabinska. Life was simple for Antonina, Jan, and their son, they owned a zoo, lived in a nice place, life was good. That was until German Soldiers bombed Warsaw. Antonina and Jan lost a lot that day, their zoo, their animals, and most importantly their peace. 1939, Warsaw, owners of the Warsaw Zoo, Antonina and Jan Zabinski stand up against Nazism after German Soldiers invade Poland.

Antonina and Jan never had second thoughts about helping Jews. In fact, some of the people living down in the zoo were their friends. At night when no one was around, Antonina would play her piano signaling that they could come out of hiding. During the day, it meant they needed to hide because someone was there. Antonina had always stayed at home to keep a watch out for the Germans, who were there frequently. Antonina takes on the same rule as before, expect this time it is people instead of animals. She feeds them, shelters them, makes sure they are safe. Meanwhile her husband Jan sneaks Jews out of the ghettos by distracting the guards. Towards the end of the war Jan has to go out and fight against the Nazis as part of the Polish resistance. During this time he is shot and captured by the Germans. When this news gets back to Antonina she is desperate to find out if what she heard is true. She is determined to seduce Lutz into telling her what happened to her husband at war. But her plan fails when Lutz finds out that she is hiding jews in the zoo. Antonina goes back to the zoo and only gets the Jews out seconds before Lutz gets there. After finding nothing in the zoo, Lutz put a gun to Antonina’s son head, threatening to kill him. But Lutz doesn’t shot the son because he loves Antonina.

Understanding the Notes


I really enjoyed how you had a story and explanation for every topic. I feel like most teachers now a days just do the bare minimum. Lectures have gotten a bad reputation over the years, but that’s only because the lame and boring teachers put you to sleep. Honestly I really enjoy going over notes in class. Explaining the notes and adding stories to it helps me understand the subject and terms. Like poetry, I have always struggled with it. That’s because no teacher has ever took the time to break it down and me understand it, then they blame it on me and say i’m not trying. Therefore I never understood nor liked poetry. Its not the poetry itself, but the story behind it. I liked hearing William Shakespeare’s plays explained to me. If it wasn’t for the way he wrote, I would read his plays and poems more often. Romeo and Juliet is one of the these only play by William Shakespeare that I can understand. The main reason is because I had a good teacher that actually broke it down and helped me.

In past years, 3 different teachers have taught these same subjects. They never really went deeper than the surface. So practically all of this is new to me. In all of my years of school, I have never read a Supernatural vs. Supernatural book. All of the books they have us read in school end up the same way. Most teachers cover books about Man, Nature, Self, Society. In my opinion Of Mice and Men is a pretty good book. John Steinbeck makes the elements of the story clear throughout the book.


The first week of school

I hate the first day of school. On the first day of school, most teachers treat us like kindergartners. Going over classroom rules like we haven’t heard them every single year. Plus the terrible jokes they make, not yours though. Don’t get me wrong I love jokes, but the jokes they make just aren’t funny. Another thing I hate is when teachers make assumptions about students (especially me). Can you guess what they say? They say i’m shy and need to participate more, that’s bullshit. I just mind my own business and do my work. Maybe I wouldn’t be so quiet if some teachers didn’t pick favorites. Teachers also assume that I am like my brother which I am, but I am not going to tell them that. Seriously my name is Megan please call me that, don’t call me any dumbass names that his douchebag friends made up for him. I already have to deal with the stupid jocks in the hallways. In fact, the only good thing about school is the fun classes where you can relax and have a laugh (this class).

Everyone’s presentation was basically the same, including mine. Mostly family, interests, and if you like to read or not. I wish I could say I was interested, but I wasn’t. However the most interesting thing I learned was about Molly. To be honest I don’t understand how someone could like Lionel Messi, let alone be a Barcelona fan.

I love to read and write, I can sit down and read for hours at a time. I don’t really have a favorite book. They are my babies, I love all of them the same. However my favorite genre would have to be history. I love reading about WW1, WW2, the Holocaust, and just history in general.


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The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

January 5, 2006, John Boyne,  Postmodern literature, Historical novel, Children’s literature, Tragicomedy – a small boy with a big heart, who becomes friends with a enemy.

Bruno’s lived with his family, his parents, and 12 year old sister Gretel. after hitler visits them, his father is promoted to commandant. with that information, Bruno learns they will be moving to out-with. at first bruno hates the new house, but thats until he see a camp. so he is curious, and decides to explore. when exploring far away from the house, he stumbles upon a boy by the side of a fence, this boys’ name is shmuel. bruno goes to see shmuel often and sneak him food when every he can. shmuel has to tell Bruno many times that he is in a working camp and it is not a game. soon they become close friends, but bruno betrays shmuel when Bruno lies and get shmuel hurt. bruno makes it up shmuel by seeking under the fence into the camp. they did not know it was evacuation.

Danial’s Story

1994, Carol Matas, Children’s literature – story about a boy and his family going through the Holocaust.

The book Daniel’s Story is about a boy and his family who were in the Holocaust. Daniel’s family has been living in Germany for centuries, and refused to move. But after a while things start to get bad. soon Daniel and his sister were kicked out of school, there family business was destroyed, and worst of all Daniel’s uncle was sent to a concentration camp. All hope was lost when the Nazis sent ashes back to the family, they then learned that their uncle would not be coming back. Later they were sent to a ghetto, where they worked them to hard and fed them so little. Most of Daniel’s family was killed, but the nightmare was just beginning.