First Impressions

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My first reaction to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was pretty much the same as the rest of the 11 grade. It was boring at first, only because we didn’t know we were going to read. You’ll find high schools don’t like surprises because most of them end up being pop quizzes. It just so happens that I am a very opinionated women, well on most topics anyways. But I really didn’t have  much to react to in this book. The beginning was very bland and boring, leading me to lose interest quite fast. However eventually the book hit a bump in the road and suddenly there a spark of interest sprinkled into the book. Although one of the reasons my heart hates the book is because Mark Twain was completely honest about what was happening in the time period. After reading this book, one question I kept asking myself was did twain actually use the n word himself or did he just add it in because everyone in this time period was using it? It is no secret that black people then were called the n word back in the day because it was a norm then, this is why I wondered if Twain went along with society or had enough respect for them to not use the word. About the book, I do like how Mark makes strong, bold points for each of the situations in this time period that really make you open your eyes and start paying attention if you weren’t before. Not that we have a choice because you have all of your students ( at least first period, since you talk about how much we suck) popcorn read and threaten to take points off for a future quiz that we never have, don’t get me wrong no judgement. It must suck to be a teacher, I would never deal with these little monsters ( including me ) you call students. Another reason would have to be the beginnings of books are really boring. Right now because of AR I am in the process of, meaning I’m only done with the first quarter of the book, reading The Great Gatsby. It is sooo boring, I have never wanted to stop reading a book so bad in my life, well other than the sequel to 50 Shades of Gray. 

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