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I guess I could say that I rather enjoyed this story, maybe be because Mark Twain purposely added humor to it. A story with humor in it definitely make it more enjoyable when reading it. If only more teachers realized this, I understand they have a curriculum they have to follow but adding in a few “joke” or humorous stories in between classes would most certainly push more students to want to read and maybe finish their assignments, lol me! I know I speak for a lot of students when I say they enjoyed this story more than many others, or maybe it is just me. I have actually found that as much as I love to read novels and comic books, I love reading stories just as much. The reason being, most of the time the ending is great. One of the main reasons I enjoy reading in general is the ending, especially when there is a huge plot twist. The book trailer was very easy to make, but just like always I wanted till the last minute to throw something together. Not going to lie, I was shocked as hell, but also very grateful when I saw my grade for the book trailer. The only thing I felt the need to complain about was animoto. I hate animoto, I don’t think it is possible for me to express just how much I hate animoto. There is a short, to short, word limit that made my animoto quite vague when explaining the elements of short story. I must say that I would take reading two books and them writing two blogs over making an animoto any day. Well my computer kicked me off when I logged on to read the first chapter, along with many others. Even if I wanted to could not express my opinion based on what we read today because that was not much. However if you still want my opinion ask me tomorrow because you assigned us the next 3 chapters.

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