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I missed the very beginning of the movie… so yeah, not much to say so far. It seems like a good movie (despite the pun). It is sort of interesting because I always turn in blogs late, well I’m pretty sure half of the grade does as well. But it is interesting because i now know the ending. Obviously I wasn’t suppose know the ending when writing this blog, but in a way it is kind of your fault. It is a long story but we have time right? Lol of course we do! Anyways I missed the very beginning of the movie because I was sick. Therefore I have nothing to write about, so I am sitting in journalism at this very moment trying desperately to full this page. Not that you’re going to read it anyways, are you reading this? Anyways since I saw the ending, I guess I will just talk about that. My and the girls at my table were actually discussing what the hell was going on in the movie and what we each thought would be the outcome. Congrats, throughout the whole year and through all your time and attempts, you have finally got us to discuss a plot and go in depth about a “fine” piece of art (literature). Well as it turns out, Elise was almost right, she was discussing how it was all a plan and the wife never died. Hannah was not even close, she eventually came to the conclusion that scotty had Schizophrenia. Although I am not going to lie, the ending would have been a lot better ( in my opinion ) if it was just his imagination playing all of these scenes in his head. Every move had a purpose, often making the camera switch and/or the main or speaking character. However the focus of the camera isn’t always on the character speaking, and this is what I really like about this movie. The camera is often not on the character speaking, but the certain character that just so happens to show the most emotion. The use of words to verbally announce what is going through the mind of the character, or seeing with your own eye’s and getting the chance to guess and assume what is happening and how the character is going to react. This is why a good movie purposely allows the audience to create a atmosphere based on interpretation.

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