Civil Disobedience

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I think the idea of the quote “that government is best which governs least?”,  goes along with the idea of Transcendentalism. I think the main point or message Thoreau is trying to make with this line in particular is the people in society are so great and independent that they could depend and rely on each other in order to handle and control the country on their own. This might have been true back then in thoreau’s time when gun control wasn’t a problem, nor murder, and nearly as much crime in as their is in today’s society. If we didn’t have a government today I believe life as we know it would be completely demolished. Believe it or not I am a independent, contrary to the fact that a lot people say I am a hard core liberal, which is not necessarily true. But more often than not my liberal side comes out and starts a fight when the government is gets involved. Just hear me out, our government isn’t that great or even that good, but the government keeps the United States in check. The government has done a lot of bad throughout history, but they have also done a lot of good. The government ended slavery, some people in the gov’ are in the process of ending women’s suffrage, and most importantly they give us our rights. Without the government anything could be possible, and this is not to be interpreted in a good way. Besides the technology, I think things would most likely drift back to the 1800’s and 1900’s where equality was never a thing. When it is a thing but only for wealthy white men, but even then it degrades and dissolves the whole meaning and purpose of equality. What kind of government commands my respect? The kind that believes in equality and peace, not just say there are going to be major changes but a government that works there asses off to stop violence and brutality and pushes for world peace. A government that is willing to talk and convince stores to stop selling weapons, working to reassure teachers, parents, and students that they are safe when they enter a school, because no student should have to worry about safety while they are trying to get an education.

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