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The more you read, the easier and better it gets. Reseach studies in past years, like really really really really really in the past, have shown reading improves activity in your brain I guess. The possibities of independent reading improving brain activity range from changing the way you speak, the way you read whether it is just a slight change, or my amazing writing skills ( note the sarcasm ). Independent reading really isn’t as bad as some students say. Throughout high school I constantly hear, and I’m sure you do to, students complaining about independent reading. Whether it is picking out a book, reading it, writing it or taking the test, somehow students find the whole process of independent reading challenging, which is beyond me why for I think independent reading is an easy 30 points. As a student, I must say that one of the only cons about AR reading I actually have a problem with is taking the test on my book. This is why I think completing a blog rather than taking the test is a great alternative. Doing more with interesting books in class, like activities that students enjoy. I get that reading old literature is important now in schools, but it is also important that students read something they care about. Something that grabs attentions of the students therefore make them want to read without having to push or shove them. I think getting students more involved in class readings and discussions in which we actually look foward to could be a major solution for helping students. If student learned that fun and reading go together, some would read more often than not. Little side note: students typically end up doing more work in classes that they have fun in and feel like they can let loose. I wanted to choose the third book in The Mafia and His Angel series for my next independent reading book, but since we have to choose a book from the library I was forced to choose a different AR book. For now anyways! Anyhow I chose Jurassic Park for my next AR book.

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Personally I believe that all people are born good. No one comes out of the their mothers woom being evil. Babies minds are very innocent and delicate when being properly taken care of and when spoken to. It’s the way that children these days are brought up and what they are being taught as a child. I’ve taken many, many psychology classes and throughout those classes we’ve learned that children watch their parents and other people surrounding them and they take that information and they absorb it like sponges. If everyone in the world was pure and innocent in obeyed by the rules and laws that we have set today there would be no need for jails and policeman and eventually we wouldn’t need laws anymore or Republicans LOL. The  reason those laws have them put in place there is because of all those children who went through a tragic and heartbreaking childhood, statistically speaking these children are most likely to end up breaking a law or multiples ones. These laws were put in place because of those people who went through so much that they are now scarred for life and they take that out on other people, places, or things. Everyone knows that the main reason for laws to keep criminals from breaking the law but what the law doesn’t do is help these people over come their issues. You know what America should do, we should just start over, start over with no laws. Laws don’t help anything, they don’t take criminals out of the world they just make repercussions that most criminalsend up breaking anyways. I truly and honestly do not think we need laws and need the help of society to keep people from doing bad things. Like I said earlier it is either one of the two. A bad childhood or just something that scars them to make them evil. I don’t believe that you should just throw evil people in jail, I believe that they need to be sat down and they need help instead of just throwing them in jail. that’s what the law does and I am completely against the law when it comes to evil and punishment in ‘merica. Quick note: while  we’re on the topic of evil, why in the mother of all gooses do we have do we have to post a picture relating to our blogs. Lately I’ve been having a ton fun with a blogs, isn’t that what you wanted? For students to have fun writing. You took that little sliver of joy away that I had left for American Lit.from me. I mean seriously you ripped that opportunity out of my hands long before I could even get to Chewbacca or Obi-Wan, what the 4311 McGarry.