Blog 13, FINALLY! I’m caught up… for now.

“One day… robots will take over…” – Megan Troup

And here Thou was thinking that this year’s English major would be completely useless. I’m only joking, because trust me I don’t need another lecture about how these high school classes will help students later in life. Although we do get that talk at least once a year, thought so far this year no teacher has given us the “Career breaking speech”, so you better get on it while the gettings still good. No I’m gust messing around, I’ve learned a lot this year, at least more than last year’s class English class with Mosers or the year before. I’ve learned not to admit defeat, I also learned to not tell your opponent that your side is wrong. This is something I have always done in my arguments, regardless of what it was. This year in literature I learned that the whole part of a debate is to prove your side right, by admitting that your side is wrong your helping your opponent win. Just by saying your side is wrong means you lost the point of an argument. I never knew how much questions help an argument, my questions were terrible in the debate but at least I got my opponent to admit that cyber school was the best option which was my point. I tried my best make questions at my opponent just couldn’t answer, obviously I now know that I’m not great at that. Debating is a lot harder than I initially thought, not only do you have to look at the pros, the good side, but you also have to look at all the cons, of the bad side. You have to come up with a comeback for every single con. However by looking at both the positives and negatives you can say your speech and respond to your debate opponents questions with a strong and confident answer. I did my research and when my opponent asked me negative I replied with a semi good answer because I looked up all the negatives of cyber school and came up with replies before the debate. = . I feel like when I listen or watch to adults conversations they’re not as intelligent and high-level as people think they would be. At least half of the arguments I’ve seen online are more on the cringy side than anything else. Having to listening to another couple have a debate can be very painful sometimes, though more often than not, especially in my family. Hearing a 46 year-old man say “what do you know you’re only 16”  is one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever been through. What age has to do with a conversation or debate is truely beyond me. Honestly it’s just a easy way of changing the subject or blaming someone intelligent on irrelevant facts. Now my mother on the other hand, she is a very, very intelligent person. Having a conversation with her it’s extremely frustrating because she will always ask me questions that I can not answer, though that is point of a debate so I will give her credit for that.

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