Blog 12… Yes I know it’s late

My feeling for American Lit… and all the other classes.

My stance on my topic ( Cyber school vs. Public School ) hasn’t changed. Some may disagree, but personally I think cyber schools can provide a better education than public schools can for students. I like public school, but feel like I don’t receive a great education. Theres not much to know cyber or public school, not anything interesting anyways. When researching about cyber school, very few things stuck out to me. This is the reason I picked out the most common and obvious points to debate about… blah, blah, blah. However one of the cons of cyber school, that even my opponent brought up, was how some say cyber school students don’t get as much social interaction as public school students do. Honestly I believe there are very few negatives about cyber school, but this reason that some would is a negative is truely laughable and completely idiotic. A quote from my debate states, “One of which is how people say students who attend a cyber school don’t get as much social Interaction as a typical public school student would. This logic isn’t necessary always true. Some say in traditional public schools, students have access to peers before school, between classes in the hallways and after school. Though people think cyber school students typically don’t get as much social interaction in the regular class setup, most instructors encourage online discussions or group chats. Additionally, some cyber school programs provide students with field trip experiences where they can meet other online students. Not all cyber school students attend these field trip because it would be defeating the purpose of getting away from other students. Therefore some cyber students like less social Interaction seeing as they left the traditional school setting because of social anxieties or bullying.”

Appeal to emotion and appeal to pity were basically used as a weapon in my debate. Why? Emotion and pity are the most important appeals when it comes to an argument. Why you ask again? Not that I have much experiance with debates or at least wining them, but it is quite obvious that in order to sway an audience, they havve to feel something, maybe a connection or maybe just pity. So I would diffinally agree that I did indeed appeal to emotion and pity a lot in my debate, like a fuck-ton of times. All I had to do was bring up bullying, and the horrors of public school.


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