Virtues Experiment

The Benjamin Franklin Virtues Experiment was a lot harder than first expected. Within one class period, me and the two other girls in my group alone broke at least one virtue. Most of them were easy to live by, like temperance, cleanliness, justice, just about all of them. The first virtue I broke along with my group was Virtue number 2 – Silence. One of our daily conversations in literature eventually lend to who were the queen bees of the school and why we hate them. I consider myself a semi-nice person, at least nicer than most of the girls in this school, but occasionally I snap when someone screws me over or talks behind my back. I don’t know why some of “my friends” talk bad about me when all I’ve ever done was back them up and support them. It is usually a bitchy high maintenance senior who thinks they are going somewhere in life by using chastity. Some people may call me salty, but thats because I am surrounded by people I can’t stand for hours on a daily basis.

In my opinion chastity was the hardest virtue to violate because I would never sleep with someone who wasn’t my boyfriend, and I don’t have one nor do I need one. Frankly I don’t trust men at all, never have and probably never will. I personally didn’t violate chastity, but today it is such a normal thing in our society, it is impossible to ignore. At least once a week the topic comes up in a conversation between my friends and I or someone around me is talking about it. It really frustrates me when someone starts bragging about it, and it has always a guy. For example, this guy in my class has a girlfriend that he only uses for sex. Everyone in the 11th grade knows this, literally everyone. Almost everyday he talks about how annoying she is, and the worst part is her “friends” listen to him and don’t say anything to her. I feel bad for her, even if she knows whats going on, she is stuck in a unrequited relationship.

If this assignment had been over a longer time period like a month instead of a week, I would have for sure broke more just one of Franklin’s virtues.

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