We’re not all poets…

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I never liked poetry, everyone around me knows this. Although throughout the years I have read a few good poems, maybe my teachers just have had bad taste in poetry or maybe it was just my hatred for it. Maybe I would like poetry more if I understood the poems that are given to me.┬áReading poetry has always been hell for me, however writing poetry was just fucking awful. I tried, I honestly tried, but to this day I still can’t read poetry. Even when I write about something I hate I can’t fit anything together. The only poetry I can seem to write is at a fifth-grade level. I don’t understand free verse, I never understood it. I don’t understand what the rules are. Isn’t it just a short story with short lines. I guess that’s what I don’t understand most about poetry, if I have to put my thoughts down on paper why can’t it be a short story instead of poetry. Although the one thing I understand better now is rhythm. My point of view on poetry after reading a poem stayed the same. I can’t just stop words on a paper, it takes me a long time to process everything. A poem should it be just random words in a stanza form. I have to write something that means something to me. Then I have to go back and change certain words to rhyme. After that I have to rearrange my sentences in order to find identical rhythm. Then after I put myself through all that, I delete it and start over again.

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