I chose “Found true love. Married someone else” by Dave Egger for many reasons. I felt if I chose a topic that could go in many different directions than I would be able to create a better short story. I also wanted to make sure that if I get stuck or I feel like I have nothing else to write that I could easily change my short story concept. My original concept was about two people who fall in love in the wrong place at the wrong time. They both lived on a plantation, so they got married and lived happily ever after, just kidding. It involves a white woman and a black man who, of coarse, will never end up together because of racism. Her parents are plantation owners and white so they obviously didn’t approve, not that she could tell them because he would have been tortured and killed. But then I realized that my concept needed a lot of work. I didn’t want to write about some sappy love story because I don’t even know how to and that just sounds awful. However it is still about love, but I changed it, now in the story she is supposed to be marrying another man. Though she doesn’t really love this man, hence the quote above. The sole reason for her to marry this man is to help support their families struggling Plantation because of the war that had just broke out and soon following the abolishment of slavery. Then on top of everything, all white people in the South are trying to bring back slaves, including his and her parents. The idea came to me naturally because all of the racism that is still happening in the world today. As I am writing everything down to make my short story diagram I have to keep changing everything in order for every particular event to work in the story. Sometimes a character has to have a certain traits or action to go along with a scene. Most of the time I have to keep changing the setting and the plot just to make sure that it fits all together. Based on the events in the story, I always make sure the characters revolve around them. Then based on what’s happening in the story and how the characters act, I add in the background.

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